Kyrene School District’s Fall From Grace

For decades, those living in the Southeast Valley outside of Phoenix have often heard their friends and family chose their home based on it being located in the Kyrene School District boundaries. For the most part, the area encompasses well-educated white collar families. Parents are busy with their jobs, church, and their childrens’ activities. No worries, the schools are great so all is well.

There is no better place for those who want to turn these family and American values upside down than a school district like Kyrene. The parents are involved, but they aren’t looking. They are trusting, they are busy. Last year Arizona Legislative District 18 was taken over by rabid and angry Red4Ed representatives. But there was no reason to panic for those on the Republican side of politics because in the midst of that election, the Kyrene Governing Board went 3-2 GOP. All would still be well with Kyrene, and those concerned could go back to work and continue to not attend governing board meetings, or at least not question the governing board if they do attend.

Kyrene Schools say they welcome parents. That may be the case when they want more money, but they really don’t like them showing up to governing board meetings and questioning the Board unless the parents are donning Red 4 Ed apparel or talking points. Recently a parent found an obscene sex ed book called “It’s Perfectly Normal” in two of Kyrene’s libraries. The book is loaded with pornography yet it is aimed at 10-year olds. (Everyone reading this should contact their local school libraries and see if they have it. Don’t be surprised if they do.) She spoke to the Kyrene Governing Board (3-2 Republican) to make them aware. Here is a page from “It’s Perfectly Normal.” **Warning, graphic content intended for 10-year olds in public schools**:

A few days later, Kyrene officials told her the book had been removed from the school libraries. As of this writing, the district has not offered her any proof the books have been destroyed so they cannot get into any childrens’ hands. In fact, Kyrene has not been forthcoming in additional information this mother is asking about. Maybe if she wore a Red4Ed shirt instead of her religious BYU shirt her questions would be answered. This link explains “It’s Perfectly Normal” was not even deemed appropriate in a prison setting, but it sat in some of Kyrene’s libraries for almost two decades.

Here is a question to the teachers in Kyrene Schools, do you approve of “It’s Perfectly Normal” in any of your school libraries knowing that it is aimed at young children?

Some community members are saying the one and only problem in Kyrene Schools has been solved since the book in question was removed (so we are told). However, Kyrene Governing Board took another deep dive soon after the “It’s Perfectly Normal” revelation.

One of the newly elected “Republicans” on the Kyrene Governing Board stated her praise for Arizona’s new schools chief, Kathy Hoffman. Here is a video of the lavish praise. Yes, this Kathy Hoffman:

What is going on with the Republican Party in Arizona? The GOP, at least on paper, currently holds Judeo-Christian values in high esteem. It appears so many in the GOP who gain an elected seat suddenly become weak-kneed and forget what they said they stood for in their campaigns. We saw the same situation in Tucson recently. And Legislative District 28 is hopeless until phony Republican Kate Brophy-McGee is voted out of the Arizona State Senate. If they don’t want to uphold the values our country was founded on, there are other political parties to choose from–pick one please.

Here is what happens when a parent not wearing a Red4Ed t-shirt, asks probing questions of the 3-2 GOP Kyrene Governing Board regarding their pending decision to adopt a $180,000/year Deep Equity program. Deep Equity is concerning to many parents. Here are a few screenshots from a recent June 2019 seminar:

In the above video, the Kyrene Governing Board stated they would allow for interaction with the taxpayer during his public comment. Instead of offering to delay the vote because they couldn’t answer his questions related to the content of the Deep Equity program, they kicked him out. Yes, it got heated. Memo to Kyrene Schools: When you make it difficult for parents in your district to get information, they might get angry with you. When you don’t listen to opposing viewpoints from taxpaying members of your community, they might get angry with you. When the three “Republicans” don’t uphold the Party platform, Republicans might get angry with you.

To make matters worse, whispers among some LD18 Republicans and their circles became loud and clear: Do not criticize the Republican members of the Kyrene School Governing Board. Even though the Board adopted a $180,000 controversial social program, even though Kyrene has been sitting on a pornographic sex ed book, even though Kyrene’s Superintendent (who serves at the discretion of the 3-2 GOP Governing Board) is making it difficult for parents to obtain additional information about the goings-on in the district….shhhh, don’t say anything!!!! Community members were told we need to elect more Republicans, values aren’t important but the (R) after the name is, and criticism will adversely affect their chances.

What has happened to the once well-regarded Kyrene Public Schools? Why are they protecting GLSEN and comprehensive sex ed instead of the children?

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