Planned Parenthood is the #2 Provider of Transgender Hormones

The partnership between Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ community is unique. Planned Parenthood is dependent on women becoming pregnant so they can ultimately provide abortions. It would seem the organization would want to promote healthy, fertile women to keep the clients rolling through their doors. So why has Planned Parenthood been so sympathetic to the the latest hysteria of mutilating girls and womens’ reproductive organs?

Money once again is the driving force behind this pseudo “non-profit.” They played their cards long ago in Tempe Union High Schools and elsewhere, but at the time the public was watching for their usual abortion push. Currently, 10 pages of Tempe Union’s sex ed curriculum (which is based on Planned Parenthood’s FLASH curriculum) teaches gender theory. Day six sets the table.

Why is FLASH pushing gender confusion? So students can be referred to Planned Parenthood, the curriculum’s writer, if not for abortion but for drugs.

So far Planned Parenthood Arizona clinics have not started prescribing these dangerous drugs and hopefully they never will. But keep this possibility in mind when honest politicians around the country stand for two genders based on science. Planned Parenthood and organizations like GLSEN want kids to think they can be a boy or a girl, whatever they feel like. Masking this confusion with drugs and surgery, which can permanently sterilize the child, is quackery. The differences between male and female is not just about feelings; the differences go as deep as the cellular level. This article in Real Clear Science explains each cell in the human body is either male or female. Who in a school counselor’s office or at Planned Parenthood is trained to explain these medical challenges to students? When Terros Health and AZTYPO are loading the inboxes of school administrators and governing board members, does anyone discuss cellular differences? Meanwhile Planned Parenthood tells us they are “medically accurate.”

In Great Britain, some physicians are finally speaking up about the transgender scandal. Hopefully American doctors will do the same. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to see their profits cut so don’t expect any honesty from them in the near future. Just in the last few weeks we have witnessed Chick-fil-a and Hallmark Channel cowering to a loud and effective minority. Are we against gays? Of course not, but we don’t support confusing or physically harming children in a school setting to line the pockets of a select few.

The next move in Arizona could very well be Planned Parenthood clinics in schools. Don’t think our schools are off-limits, this is occurring less than a day’s drive away in Los Angeles. Our Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, thinks she is a policy maker and she is getting away with it. This is an excerpt from The Washington Post’s article:

How did it happen that parents must ask for permission from their own children for anything, especially health care decisions? Why does Planned Parenthood have more access to children than their own parents do?

Next year’s legislative sessions and presidential election are about about a couple things: abortion rights and the sexualization of children. Take a listen to the angry, screeching women and the weak male politicians who want the angry women to like them. Watch carefully which current legislators and presidential candidates bend over backwards to appease Planned Parenthood and its financial partners, of which there are many. Much of the hate for President Trump portrayed in the media is because he has appointed pro-family judges and behind the scenes has limited some of Planned Parenthood’s financial reach. This makes the troubled women more angry. (Question, do you want those angry women to have access to your children?) 2020 will clearly separate those who want to use children for politics and sexual power from those who continue to honor the parents of those children. Put on your seat belt, it will be an E ticket.

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