Planned Parenthood is on the Doorstep in Chandler Schools

Recently, Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) announced it would no longer teach sex ed to the districts’ fifth and sixth graders. Instead the materials would be sent home for parents to teach their children.

That doesn’t seem to be controversial, but to some the news was very problematic. Some community members feel sex ed should be taught at school, no exceptions. Others don’t like the district expecting parents to take responsibility for their own children. Meanwhile, the curriculum for 7th-12th grade remains. Based on reports from district parents, Chandler is using a non-controversial abstinence-based curriculum called “Choosing the Best“. (Just an aside, many sex ed curricula are referred to as abstinence-based so as to get board approval and government funding, but they really aren’t.)

There was a long line of parents and taxpayers for the public comment portion of Chandler’s December 4, 2019 governing board meeting. Most indicated they wanted to discuss a pending social justice program, with many of the parents voicing concerns against it. Once those parents had been heard from, the governing board president added an agenda item to discuss a weight room at one of the high schools. It was then that most of those parents left the meeting; they had stated what they wanted on record. It’s not surprising most of those same parents likely would be against comprehensive sex ed. After the weight room issue was addressed a parade of folks took to the public comment podium to express deep concern for Chandler Unified’s decision to lay sex ed in the hands of parents. Is that why the weight room issue was inserted, so the parents likely against comprehensive sex ed would not be present and only those who support Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) would be heard from?

There is a huge reason sex ed is becoming a hot button issue in Chandler Schools. Earlier this year, Lindsay Love started her first term on Chandler Unified’s governing board. Her sister, Chris Love, is the Board President of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

Here is a blurb from Planned Parenthood Advocates’ website. It appears Ms. Chris Love has a large responsibility while on the Planned Parenthood board and it all involves politics.

With Ms. Lindsay Love’s (CUSD Board Member) such close ties to Planned Parenthood, she really should abstain (pun intended) from any sex ed curriculum vote. It would be very difficult to be unbiased. However, she has made it clear she will not step away from any vote:

Well, we DO know how things work Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love. We know you all want to sexualize kids so they come to your pink abortion mill for STD services and abortion when their birth control fails, and you all know it fails on a regular basis. Monica Cline, former sexuality education teacher, explains how the sex curriculum works in this video. As Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love stated, facts mean nothing to people who don’t know how things work. Monica Cline explains how things work because the public needs to understand Planned Parenthood is not interested in anything that is not revenue generating.

Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love has a huge goal of getting some type of sex ed in Chandler Schools, despite what those in the district say. Here’s Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love’s tweet:

Such a professional.

Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love sounds distraught that CUSD enabled parents to be involved in their childrens’ sex ed. She even states sex ed is still necessary, calling it “sexuality education.” There it is, pay attention to the words. The curriculum used to be called the reproductive system in anatomy class. Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, the anatomy books normally stick with scientific facts and not agendas. Eventually the term sex education or comprehensive sex ed evolved, and now sexuality education is the hot term. By changing the names, schools can now incorporate birth control, deemphasize marriage, explain anal sex, and teach that biological gender are changeable, among many other agendas. It does not matter how parents are choosing to raise their own children, schools and Planned Parenthood take over.

Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love is also recruiting to augment her sister on Chandler Unified’s governing board:

Remember we predicted the 2020 elections and hate for President Trump were about abortion? Here is Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love agreeing:

And here is the honest truth. Abstinence just doesn’t cut it for Planned Parenthood because it doesn’t make them any money. Ms. Love and her ilk don’t care about the children in Chandler, only their paychecks:

At the December 4th Chandler Unified board meeting, Michael Alexander spoke during the sex ed public comment. At about the 1 hour and 49 minute mark, he stated his support for sex ed like those before him. What he didn’t share with the audience is his wife is Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love and his sister-in-law is Ms. Chandler Unified Lindsay Love. Are we to believe he just happened to show up to talk about sex ed because he had nothing better to do on a Wednesday night? His performance along with the board president’s insertion of the weight room agenda item to clear the room proves those associated with Planned Parenthood prepared the whole charade.

If Ms. Chandler Unified Lindsay Love can stand up to her sister, Chris from Planned Parenthood, and vote no on any pending comprehensive sex ed for CUSD, she needs a pat on the back from the community. Governing Boards are known for going along with the other board members and it would be very hard to turn down one’s own sister. Let’s give Ms. Chandler Unified Lindsay Love the support she needs to do the right thing and just say NO to her sister and Planned Parenthood.

  • 12-28-19 A special thanks to Chandler Unified Board Member Lindsay Love for pointing out our misspelling of her name. We appreciate she took the time to read our post. We have updated the article.

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  • October 4, 2021 at 9:55 am

    Planned parenthood has no legitimate place in a school classroom.


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