Update: Chandler Unified’s Lindsay Love Reads Our Posts!

We want to thank our readers, especially Chandler Unified Governing Board Member, the Honorable Lindsay Love, for pointing out the misspelling of her name in yesterday’s post. We regret the error.

The main reason we started this website was due to either inaccurate reporting by most media outlets or the media’s just plain disregard about Planned Parenthood’s tactics, both medically and politically. We want to be sure our material is accurate, which is why we often let the money trail and Planned Parenthood associates’ tweets speak for themselves.

Naturally, we are anxious to learn why Ms. Chandler Unified Lindsay Love feels we still have some facts incorrect. If she can let us know specifics, we will be happy to research her concerns and make corrections as necessary. We also hope she reconsiders her plans to vote on sex ed as a governing board member. Her fellow Chandler Unified Board member, David Evans, recently recused himself from a vote due to association and we thank him for his honesty.

Ms. (we want to be progressive so no Mrs.) Planned Parenthood Chris Love reiterated her disdain for abstinence, which is the only medically safe behavior for minors. No STDs, no unplanned pregnancies to abort, no mental anguish, no need to be on the Class 1 carcinogen birth control pill. Abstinence is organic, so it should be a popular behavior for all Americans. But abstinence is not revenue generating, so it still won’t get Planned Parenthood’s vote:

Being a member of the PPAA Board in 2012 is not the issue. The fact that Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love did not approve of abstinence back then was likely a qualification for being awarded her prestigious position years later. She better continue to say the right things or she’ll be kicked to the curb like Planned Parenthood’s former president, Dr. Leana Wen.

Ironically, the Love Sisters have recently blocked on Twitter many who disagree with Deep Equity or Comprehensive Sex Education in schools.

It’s great to see they are open-minded enough to check out our website, though. The only way we can move forward is to have dialogue and blocking each other is much like erecting walls. Again, we thank the Love Sisters for checking in and alerting us about a spelling error.

We will continue to share information about Planned Parenthood’s indifference to women and children, all for the almighty dollar. Thanks to all of our readers and those families who are getting involved in their local school districts to stop Planned Parenthood’s destruction.

One thought on “Update: Chandler Unified’s Lindsay Love Reads Our Posts!

  • December 28, 2019 at 11:36 pm

    I have to feel a little sorry for these people. They are victims of abuse by the sickos who brainwashed them


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