Update to Our Lawsuit Against Superintendent Hoffman

This weekend we received a letter dated November 16, 2022 from Maricopa County Superior Court regarding the lawsuit filed against current Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman and her link to QChat on the Arizona Department of Education website. The Court has decide to dismiss the case based on previous case law. Here is part of the letter:

“Motion to Dismiss focuses on the issue of standing. The Arizona Supreme Court’s decision in Welch vs. Cochise Cnty. Bd. of Supervisors, 251 Ariz. 519 (2021) provides instructive clarification on the issue of standing. Plaintiff does not allege she is a parent of a minor child potentially affected by the acts of the Defendant. Following the holding in Welch, supra, Plaintiff would lack standing to bring a claim under A.R.S. 1-602(c), Arizona Parents Bill of Rights.”

We knew when we filed the case dismissal was a possibility. The Court continued with the following statement, which is good news:

To be clear, the Motion To Dismiss is not seeking dismissal on the merits of the case, only Plaintiff’s standing to bring action“.

Because we knew the case could be dismissed, we were preparing a backup plan using the legal system. However, on Thursday, November 17, 2022, Superintendent Hoffman conceded to Tom Horne. So as of now we will not pursue this issue. Superintendent-Elect Tom Horne indicated during his campaign he WILL get rid of QChat if elected. He has to first be sworn in to start the wheels turning to accomplish this. At this point, we will wait for that to happen. If the new Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction does not dump QChat, we will revisit our alternative plan.

We appreciate the judge’s time and his ruling. It is ironic we are often told “It takes a village” when raising children is involved. Yet this time when one of the villagers spoke up to protect the innocence of Arizona’s children and ask the Superintendent to follow state statute, the villager was told she has no standing. So which is it?

We also want to thank Spencer Lindquist who broke the Arizona Department of Education’s QChat story back in May for Breitbart News. Like we said, there was a lot of hoopla at the time but then it died down and nothing was done. The local mainstream media was eerily silent, only mentioning the perverted website occasionally. Were they trying to protect Kathy Hoffman’s reelection or do they support QChat and its financial ties to Planned Parenthood?

Alternative media platforms across the country did pick this story up when the lawsuit was filed. This begs the question, why is QChat acceptable to the local Arizona media? Do they know which side of their bread Planned Parenthood butters?

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