Per the Teachers Union, Democrats are Behind the Sexualization of Arizona’s Kids

Democrats are not trying to run away from the grooming of Arizona’s kids, they just can’t anymore. Power is more important than anything else. While they don’t like the word “groomer”, the truth is the truth. For some reason Democrats believe “Minor-Attracted Person” is a more acceptable description for perverts. Adults whose minds associate kids with sex are twisted no matter what it is called.

We are days away from the midterm election. The teachers unions must keep their power and grab even more if they can. Arizona Democrats are trying to ignore their leader’s QChat offered by the Arizona Department of Education. Instead they lament over and over about schools needing more money (never demanding that each local school district be audited for wasteful spending and overpaid superintendents). What do they want all this money for? In many cases it is for additional social workers, who will then send children to the QChat for more perversion.

Arizona’s union leader, Rebecca Garelli went on a recent rant about Republicans.

“Voting R is against every teacher’s interests”. How does #UnionBecky know what is in every teacher’s heart? There are plenty who don’t support sex ed for five-year olds, abortion until the time of birth, or top-down demands from the United States and Arizona Departments of Education.

All the credit goes to Spencer Lindquist of Breitbart for breaking the QChat story back in May. He noted Planned Parenthood is one of the organizations behind the secret chat space. Lindquist is still investigating and has found more information about the site. Remember when we wrote about ActBlue and its direct support of Democrat candidates and abortion? ActBlue is also sponsoring QChat.

Look at Spencer Lindquist’s thread from July of this year. The CDC is supporting Witchcraft?

As we have said for years, these entities are all tied together. The anti-Christian, anti-family, pro-child murder, child sex, trans kids (Big Pharma) industries are all big businesses now supported and encouraged by the corrupt Centers for Disease Control. Normalize sexual grooming and you, too, may use Satan’s tricks to win an elected office.

Here is Mr. Lindquist’s full report:

Dem Donor Platform Gave to Group that Hosts Sexual Chats with Minors (

But wait, there is always more! This isn’t just about winning a school board race. There are bigger fish to fry, or rockets to launch as we see in Arizona. The Arizona Education Association (AEA) has a BFF, and that is Rebecca Garelli who thinks she can speak for all teachers.

Guess who else the AEA loves: Mark Kelly for Arizona Senate.

Of course, who better to support for continual sexualization of Arizona’s kids. Mark Kelly, another phony Catholic who really doesn’t want folks to know he’s pro-abortion until birth. (Thanks to Project Veritas for bursting Kelly’s bubble). But the AEA knows Senator Kelly’s true convictions or the organization would not support him.

So there it is. Any Democratic candidate must drink all the blood kool-aid if they want any endorsements or financial support. It does not matter if children are collateral damage. It’s all about power and money now, all of it. It’s a funny thing though–who has the power in eternity?

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