Transgender Material Targets Hispanics in Tucson Unified and Elsewhere

It is no secret the Hispanic culture is very pro-family and pro-life. Most are Catholic, and those who aren’t still proudly express their faith in some form of Christianity. Tucson has a high percentage of Hispanics and many speak English as their second language. Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Governing Board is taking advantage of this.

Back in August, TUSD held a public forum to allow comments on their newly developed sex ed framework. They had promised two more opportunities for public comment, but at the August 27th meeting the board only extended the Call to the Audience for 20 minutes. They plan to vote on the curriculum this Tuesday, September 10th, so there will be no second public comment opportunity as promised. Could this be because the Hispanic community in Tucson has gotten wind of the curriculum’s content?

Tucson Unified has divided their community so as to please the likes of Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ) and GLSEN. The district says they aren’t working with Planned Parenthood. Why do some of the TUSD Board members take PPAZ’s endorsement, then pretend to not associate with them? Comprehensive Sex Ed always leads back to Planned Parenthood. Bryan Howard, President of Planned Parenthood Arizona, testified during a recent jury trial in Phoenix. While on the witness stand, he stressed one of the organization’s goals is to “educate”. In fact, when he explained his responsibilities to the jury, he said PPAZ touches 90,000 people in Arizona between education and “healthcare”, 35,000 of which is for direct patient care. You do the math.

Here is a graphic of some sex ed material developed for students in Mexico. What is scientifically accurate about this?

Bryan Howard also stressed to the jury in August Planned Parenthood provides sex ed curriculum in both English and Spanish. Mr. Howard also shared 90% of Planned Parenthood’s clients identify as women, the other 10% are transgender. This is what popped up when “transgender” was typed into the PPAZ webpage search bar:

At this time, Arizona is not listed as one of the states in which Planned Parenthood is supplying transgender hormones. However, the seeds are being planted through public school districts like Tucson and Cave Creek. Soon demand will be created and once Arizona Planned Parenthood clinics ramp up they will disperse hormones which will cause long-term physical and emotional damage to children.

Memo to Tucson Unified’s Governing Board: Hispanic families are not stupid. They have trusted you and your politics for decades, but now the game is over. There are plenty of charter and private schools in the Tucson area who will happily enroll these children and give them a better education than they are now receiving. You decide on Tuesday, will you treat them as people or as a financial transaction to boost your budget?

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