Phoenix Union Board Member Ian Danley and Planned Parenthood $$ Deals

Those involved in education in the Phoenix area know all isn’t quite right at Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD). Various principals have lead walk-outs to protest Donald Trump’s election (how are those test scores coming along?) and some allow their students to attend a multiple day Diversity Camp instead of their academic classes. Some teachers also attend the Camp which costs the district money while they pay substitutes to cover academic classes. We have had our own challenges reviewing PUHSD’s sex ed curriculum. We have been informed the Teachers Union is recruiting on campus during school hours and many students receiving their diplomas have not mastered the basics in their high school education.

Running for Phoenix Union High School Governing Board should be a slam dunk for anyone who wants to improve learning conditions in this district’s schools. Unfortunately, what is most important to some on the governing board is the usual money and power. Kids are just a source of income for the district, don’t ask how the money is used.

Meet Ian Danley, who has been on PUHSD’s Governing Board since 2013. Of course, he’s one of Planned Parenthood’s guys. Abortion supporters often scream that men should stay out of womens’ reproductive decisions, but evidently an exception was made for Mr. Danley.

When not representing Planned Parenthood, Mr. Danley is the executive director of One Arizona, a political advocacy group.

There it is, more LGBTQ. Now, how to get that agenda in schools which will help Danley’s career and the organization he works for? Back in 2015, school districts in Arizona were bound by law to teach that heterosexual relationships are the norm. That limited Mr. Danley’s reach and also worked against a future demographic for Planned Parenthood. In recent years, Planned Parenthood has begun offering trangender hormone treatments. Since they have cut down on the world’s population which results in fewer clients, they have to find some other group to help keep the lights on. They might as well use other people’s kids.

No problem, Phoenix Union High School District is here to help. Notice Mr. Danley’s email address is redacted. He used his private email in this exchange, which will become a financial deal with Planned Parenthood. Is this so his actions couldn’t be traced if public records were pulled through the school district?

This series of emails was with Jodi Liggett, who at the time was Planned Parenthood’s public policy director. She started just as the sex ed situation in Tempe Union was heating up.

Planned Parenthood got right on it.

There, mission accomplished. Mr. Danley secures his job and Planned Parenthood continues its mission to get sex ed in Arizona schools, whether it’s accurate sex ed or not. And the seeds were sown for transgender therapy. No worries about reading, writing, or arithmetic.

Ian Danley has a second job, though, his position on the Phoenix Union High School Governing Board. How can he help himself there?

Around the same time as the LGBTQ sex ed emails, Phoenix Union was gearing up for an override election called “Yes for Phoenix Union.” The district needed more money for their pet projects and a campaign contribution would help purchase some of those large colorful signs and mailers.

The general public often wonders how school districts have so much money for signs and mailings requesting more money when districts tell us they don’t have any money. One of the benefits of working with Planned Parenthood is they have a lot of money. Not only do they profit from abortions, they get lots of federal tax dollars from us they can use for all kinds of political campaigns.

Is it coincidental both Planned Parenthood and Phoenix Union tell us they need more money? All the while they use our tax dollars for their own sex agenda, money that could be used for teachers. Someone better tell Ian Danley and Yes for Phoenix Union that Planned Parenthood will be about $3 million short this year.

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