Spread the (Planned Parenthood) Political Wealth

Some politicians are “A” personalities and want it all.  Tempe’s David Schapira’s time as an Arizona State Legislator overlapped his term on the Tempe Union High School Board.  One might look at this as truly wanting to serve the community.

Or could it be that Mr. Schapira wasn’t able to carry out Planned Parenthood’s marching orders at the state level, but he may be able to help Planned Parenthood in liberal Tempe?

Here is a brief overview of David Schapira’s failures on the state level.  The following list of bills were proposed in the Arizona legislature, but Schapira and Planned Parenthood failed to get them passed:

Mr. Schapira voted against a requirement to show maturity to receive an underage abortion.

Mr. Schapira voted right along with Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s racist founder.  Although he’s a registered Democrat and probably feels #BlackLivesMatter, he didn’t support a law that prohibited abortion based on race or gender.

This summer we’ve been watching videos of Planned Parenthood, and the last two weeks we’ve been educated about some of the financial options PP has with the babies, especially those further along in utero.  We see hands, feet, faces, eyes, and hear “Another boy” from one of the technicians.  Well, Representative Schapira voted against banning abortions of babies over 20 weeks gestation.   Honest mistake no doubt.

A few days ago, we heard Planned Parenthood has killed babies after they are born alive so as to harvest their body parts for profit.  Mr. Schapira voted along with Planned Parenthood and Barack Obama on this–he says partial birth abortion is okay and should be protected.   There couldn’t be a financial gain for any of the parties involved, could there?

Could this be why David Schapira pushed and pushed for Planned Parenthood’s FLASH curriculum in TUHSD?  Was the fake question he posed at a school board meeting an attempt to disassociate himself from the invitation district employee and sex ed committee member Bronwyn Paes sent to Planned Parenthood?  Was he the one who asked Ms. Paes to send the invitation in the first place?

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