Keeping up with the Schapiras, Scottsdale Has its Double-Duty Planned Parenthood Representative

Living in Arizona, there is often talk about having a house in a “Scottsdale Zip Code.”  Planned Parenthood has bought in to that, endorsing former Scottsdale School Board Member Dr. Eric Meyer, as he successfully ran for a seat in the Arizona legislature.

See this quote from his interview with Planned Parenthood:

The most fundamental, basic first step to breaking this cycle is to provide statewide comprehensive, medically accurate sexual education for all teenagers………

Currently, the decision whether to offer sexual education and the curriculum to be offered is made by school governing boards and many teenagers are falling through the cracks. We must develop a thoughtful, statewide policy to address these issues.

Dr. Meyer has his marching orders from the organization who gave him over $7000 in donations, $5000 just the last election cycle:

Arizona House of Representatives 2014 election – Campaign Contributions
Top contributors to Eric Meyer (Arizona)’s campaign in 2014
Balance Forward $52,441
Planned Parenthood Arizona $5,000

Now that we have seen the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, we see Dr. Meyer’s voting record on abortion issues in a different light.  Is he protecting partial birth abortion so Planned Parenthood can profit from selling the babies’ parts?  He voted against protecting human embryos, including using them for research.

In 2014, Arizona passed a law that allows unannounced inspections of abortion clinics in certain instances.  Basically, these clinics would be treated like any other doctor or dentist office, which seems reasonable.  After all, Planned Parenthood campaigns that they are safer than a back alley.  Dr. Eric Meyer didn’t agree with the law.   Are there controversial things an inspector might find in one of the clinics?

Eric Meyer is a doctor, he knows a 20-week old baby in utero has a beating heart, arms, legs, its brain can sense pain, but he voted against protecting them from abortion.  Woops, Planned Parenthood makes good money off intact babies.

Maybe this is why he is the slouch in the photo below who did not stand for a moment of silence in the Arizona legislature on January 22, 2015 in remembrance of the babies killed from abortion:

“Nice. Members of stand 4 a moment of silence 4 the millions of little ones who did not survive”

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