SIECUS–a 6-Letter Word to Avoid

Remember the idea of local school districts, local control, and the school down the street that is the pillar of your neighborhood?

Now we are faced with a tug of war between parents and the federal government over who is in charge of school curriculum, in every topic.  We have seen this with No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Common Core, and SIECUS.

SIECUS–one of the hefty sources of Comprehensive Sex Ed.  SIECUS is a close relative of the word Comprehensive, and resides in Washington, DC., which is the biggest clue SIECUS may be a problem.

When explaining the reason for choosing Planned Parenthood curriculum, Educrats will try to sound smarter than the voters by stating the Sex Ed program meets “national standards”.  Uh, oh.

Read over the front page of SIECUS just to get its flavor.  And check out this link showing YOUR tax money is funding this anything goes Sex Ed agenda.  The federal government is chomping at the bit to get its hands on the 56 million kids in schools.  (Plug for homeschooling.)

This is particularly troublesome in some states who have tried to put the brakes on this progressive agenda in the schools.  Read the SIECUS Policy Page, but not with children in the room.  A few items of interest in case you’re in a hurry–SIECUS is pro Sex Ed from birth (Sex Ed was on my sons’ minds in their first hours), pro-abortion(hmmm…..39 visits by Cecil Richards to the White House), pro-masturbation (I thought schools were to prepare kids for college and career), and dictates clergy have a responsibility to support sexual rights (we can’t get away from this stuff on Sundays?)

Is it just a coincidence Obama blessed Planned Parenthood, is defending Planned Parenthood in light of the undercover videos, is forcing people of faith to include birth control and abortion in their insurance policies, and Planned Parenthood’s Cecil Richards is a frequent visitor to the White House?  What a messy slush fund from top to bottom, from the White House to your school district.

It’s surprising the White House is not lit in Pink when Ms. Richards arrives.


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