School Superintendents Caught in Planned Parenthood’s Crosshairs

Planned Parenthood wants to give the public the impression that district superintendents are embracing their presence in the school districts. While that’s true in some instances, it’s not true in every district.

Just in the last few weeks, notinourschools has verified some superintendents in Arizona do not want Planned Parenthood around nor do they want to be backed into a corner over Obama’s illegal overreach mandating students can use any bathroom or locker room they wish.

Superintendents are hired by the elected school board.  When even just one or two pushy board members guilt the others into thinking the district will fall apart without Comprehensive Sex Education via Planned Parenthood, superintendents feel they must comply.  Planned Parenthood takes advantage of this.  They cause the superintendent and common-sense board members to doubt themselves, ultimately ignoring what they know is a dangerous curriculum for students.

How can we help?  Planned Parenthood, GLSEN, and other radical programs are heavily funded so they have staff and resources to mount persistent and loud phone and email complaints.  They may be the minority, but they come across as the majority.

Please let your superintendent, principals, and headmasters know you support them keeping comprehensive sex ed, the LGBTQXYZ agenda, and Planned Parenthood outside the schoolhouse door.  If they hear from the majority, those of us with the actual medically accurate information, they will be more inclined to stand up to the Planned Parenthood-owned board members.   Please email your school’s administration, parochial schools included, so they know they have reinforcements to help fight that Pink knock on the door.

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