Your Kids Are Planned Parenthood’s Cheap Labor

Many industries visit colleges and sometimes high schools to talk with students and recruit potential employees.  This not only helps the particular organization fill empty positions, but it is also good advertising as it gives the students the opportunity to learn about various businesses they may be interested in working for at a later date.

One of the best at this is Planned Parenthood.  But of course, there is a twist.  They don’t just recruit college students, they are recruiting your pre-teen children to act as sympathetic surrogates for the big wigs behind the scenes who call the shots.

The program is called Teen Outreach Program (TOP).   Being that Planned Parenthood is involved there is a complicated maze to find the smoking pink gun.  The program itself is run by Wyman.  When reading the description on Wyman’s website, the goals appear to be safe and save the day.


“Transform Teens and Change Communities.”  Wow, it’s working.  What is scary is how the teens are being transformed.  Keep reading and you’ll see Planned Parenthood is one of Wyman’s partners.  And those of you in the Phoenix area, your county tax dollars are also at work.

top partnersArizonans, take a look at this article and see if a couple state laws are being followed.  If the schools are sneaking in Planned Parenthood under the guise of TOP, are SB1309 and SB1009 in particular being followed?  Wyman posted their sex ed on-line.  Do all families agree to this content?  Don’t forget, Arizona is an opt-in state.

Here’s the kicker.  The TOP programs use your kids, 6th grade and up, to share their programs with the students.   Not only does this make the students think sex before marriage is normal, it puts the students who are uncomfortable with the program in a position to not want to say anything for fear of not going along with the crowd.  Here’s a job description from Wyman TOP in Washington State.  Note the age the successful applicant must recruit:

top jobBut wait, there’s more!  Arizona, and many other states, you are paying for this indoctrination:

maricopa county topAre the students (one as young as 12) who spoke in defense of Comprehensive Sex Ed at the Tucson Unified Board meeting on June 14, 2016 part of TOP?  Did Planned Parenthood recruit them?  Was our tax money used to stage these teens so as to pressure the School Board to sign up Planned Parenthood using more of our tax money?

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