Body Bags at the Arizona Capitol–UPDATE

As we write this update, Brick Road Coffee in Tempe is assisting youth in LGBTQalphabet activities scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2023 at the Arizona Capitol. But don’t call anyone a “groomer”.

Support Equality Arizona Schools is run by students, however, don’t think adults have stepped aside. In this post, the organizer references David Boyles and Patti Serrano.

First, note the use of the pronoun “their” to reference one male. Are the students not learning grammar in Chandler Schools? David Boyles is part of Drag Queen Story Hour, the same organization who assists Brick Road Coffee with their Drag child groomer events.

And finally, Patti Serrano just won a seat on Chandler Unified School District’s governing board. Chandler families beware. The sexualization of children is enveloping your district using coffee as bait. No wonder there was little to no follow-up removing the book “George” from the Chandler school libraries after a parent spoke up at a board meeting.

Original post on January 5, 2023:

Many of us have watched the “All in the Family Episode” in 1975 when Beverly LaSalle, a drag queen, was saved by Archie and later befriended by Edith. We mourned his death along with Edith in a later episode. Back in the 1970s we thought it was entertainment.

Today, drag performances are beyond anything most of us could have imagined in the 70s. Satan plays a long game, and he’s winning this one. A drag queen performance took place at a Tucson high school in May on a Saturday night; it won’t be long until these shows are part of a school day. Watch the fiasco be labeled “mental health”. And when the community wakes up and says no thank you to the queens, we will be called homophobic, haters, racist, Bible-toters, pro-child suicide, and anti-science.

How did this happen? Americans overall are tolerant. Most of us want to be left alone so we are happy to leave others alone. Approving gay “marriage” at the time to many seemed benign, but that movement was just a vehicle to get to the children. Of course those with same-sex attraction want to have a community where they feel comfortable. We were fine with that, until the the radicals in the sexxx industry chased down our children.

Brick Road Coffee in Tempe is a classic example of crossing the line between hanging out with friends with similar lifestyles and using kids for entertainment and political purposes. The owners wanted to open a coffee house and be a hub for their circle in the east valley while providing tasty products. That sounds fine until…….

On Monday, January 9, 2023, a tight network of LGBTQalphabet groups will host a Body Bag Protest outside Arizona’s capitol building. The premise is pending legislation which protects staff in a school setting from being forced to use pronouns which don’t reflect the student’s DNA.

The bill is in its infancy; there are many steps to go through before it can become law. The Legislature may want to consider protecting other students, also. How are students supposed to keep up with a classmate’s gender and pronouns if they are “fluid” as we are told? The bill’s sponsor, Arizona State Senator John Kavanagh, explained why he supports this bill on the James T. Harris show on Thursday and shared some great points.

Don’t fall for the rhetoric of the protestors. It is very common for kids, especially teenagers, to have conflicting feelings about their sexuality. Almost all grow out of it if left to mature naturally. This protest will tug at heart strings, but facts must be faced. Parents are the primary source for help, not any government, and that includes schools. It is our culture’s fault students are having more emotional problems than in the past. What children wake up to every day is difficult for even adults to manage.

This article describes the negative long term effects of trans surgery after the initial honeymoon period. Click on the link above to review the studies.

Here is another article documenting the long term health decline of transgender patients, physical or mental, by those who undergo gender transition. This is significant because 50 years of results are studied. For number crunchers, this study should be taken into consideration before adults in Arizona blindly follow along with the youth trangender agenda.

And here is more information the mainstream media, teachers unions, Centers for Disease Control, GLSEN, and the medical community at Phoenix Children$ Hospital will not share with the public.

In this interview with Equality Arizona, the owners of Brick Road Coffee discuss the importance of networking to serve the needs of their community. However, the networking they have embarked on is not simply feel-good for adults. Just say yes, even to men asking for tampons.

Back in September, there was a walkout in the Chandler School District protesting legislation that was passed and signed into law in Arizona which protects children from being sexually groomed in schools. One of the organizations which participated was Brick Road Coffee. The paragraph below was written by the same group which is organizing the Body Bag Protest this Monday. As noted, it was not an organic walkout–several groups assisted, including GLSEN which is a well-funded national organization based in New York City. Brick Road Coffee and their friends at Drag Queen Story Hour also were involved. What started as a nice, local coffee shop is now sexually grooming children.

Protect the children from viewing this video posted on Brick Road’s Linktree.

Oh, look, the Tempe library is also sexually grooming children and using our tax dollars to do so.

This upcoming legislative session will be a roller coaster. Watch which legislators fall for the money-making “mental health” ploys. The social worker on the Ninth Floor likely has her pen ready to sign on to all the gimmicks.

2 thoughts on “Body Bags at the Arizona Capitol–UPDATE

  • January 8, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    Look, Peggy,
    SEL was passed by the Republicans. Do any of us think they will lift a finger this time for our families in need?

    Wendy Rogers, I’m talking to you. Walt Blackman, there’s a reason you were defeated in the primary. Thank you, Brenda Barton. You are already missed.

    • January 15, 2023 at 10:30 pm

      Agree with you. Maybe the Arizona Freedom Caucus will stand strong?

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