Liberty School District Parents–Escort Your Daughters to District Restrooms

Last year we introduced our readers to Paul Bixler, a man who is a governing board member for Liberty School District, and appears to shop in the women’s department instead of Mens Warehouse. We have been wondering which restroom he uses when he visits schools or even before or after governing board meetings. We now have an answer.

Thanks to Patriot Barbie, Arizonans can witness how warped our society is. Take a look, especially where it appears the police won’t do anything.

At the end of the video Mr. Bixler didn’t even apologize, instead he pivoted to make the woman look like the stalker. Public officials, under the guise of trans, fluid, or queer can now act as predators and get away with it.

Those who challenge Mr. Bixler’s motives are labeled insensitive, anti-science, hateful, homophobic, on and on. It’s the same playbook recited daily. Adults: Stop the excuses and start protecting children. Kerry Baker, one of the newest members on Paradise Valley’s governing board, wants more rights for LGBTQXXXYZ. How much more do we give; how much more do we put our kids through? No wonder children have become dependent on drugs and therapists.

What is the real reason Mr. Bixler wants his hand in directing district policy and choosing curriculum that will forever warp the minds of children?

One thought on “Liberty School District Parents–Escort Your Daughters to District Restrooms

  • July 17, 2023 at 12:08 pm

    Seems to me that Bixler utilizes HIS trans identity when it suits HIS purposes! For example, when he wants to get away with accessing the womens’ facilities so he can ogle real females! He needs to be kept out of schools, especially those with grade school students.


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