Another All Hands on Deck: Tempe Public Library

We have just been notified there are some controversial books in the Tempe Public Library to which children have access. Of course we believe in the First Amendment. However, as adults we have the responsibility to notify taxpayers about how their money is being spent and what children are being exposed to with that money.

The book “Beyond Magenta” has been found in Tempe’s library.

Here is a short video which summarizes some of the concerns:

“Beyond Magenta” controversy

Attached is a review of the book.

Pay attention to the concerns explained in both links and remember it is a six-year old they are talking about, not a 26-year old. This material is also creeping into our school libraries and every subject taught during a typical school day via the ever increasing social justice programs our school boards are paying for. Our children cannot get away from it; no wonder the need for therapists has increased.

Those concerned about this are meeting to discuss the situation with Tempe library officials this Wednesday, January 8th at 6PM. Please arrive early if possible. There is a meeting room on the first floor near the cafe where folks will meet. The address is 3500 S. Rural Rd. Tempe, AZ 85282.


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