The Real Winners in Chandler Unified if the Alphabet Agenda is Adopted

As we predicted, Planned Parenthood’s proxies are getting revved up to speak during public comment at Chandler Unified School District’s (CUSD) next meeting on January 8, 2020. It’s anyone’s guess how quickly Planned Parenthood Arizona will be jumping on board to provide transgender drugs to minors, like many of their affiliates are already doing.

During the abortion mill’s prep time, Equality Arizona is attempting to produce a steady stream of users.

Ironically, the federal government recently forbid those under the age of 21 to smoke cigarettes, while at the same time those who are designated to care for our kids are messing with their minds and bodies so they will become perpetual drug users. And those drugs may eventually come from our local Planned Parenthood.

Here are some posts from Equality Arizona. They make no secret that CUSD is a launching pad for other districts in the state:

Here’s the real kicker. Equality Arizona is using the Chandler Board meeting as an opportunity to raise funds. Those funds will be used to support liberal candidates in future elections. While Hillary Clinton was adjusting her halo in the fall of 2016, Candidate Trump campaigned day and night, won an election, left New York, and moved into the White House. As President Trump he actually opposes abortion, not just in words but in action. He must be defeated, not because he was the uninvited party guest, but because he stands with those who stand for families. Equality Arizona does not exist to help children obtain academic knowledge or skills to be successful in the world after high school, whether that is in college or the work force.

Here is a snapshot of Equality Arizona’s current calendar:

What is a pronoun class? It sounds like it might be an English or grammar class, wouldn’t that be great? No, it’s not unfortunately. It’s a brainwashing trick so when a child or teacher is referred to as their biological (scientifically correct) gender at school, they can then complain and get the person in trouble for using a pronoun he or she doesn’t approve of. Since the LGBTQ folks are telling us that gender is fluid, how does one know what to call a peer from day to day, or even hour to hour? Evidently that is why this important class is needed:

Chandler Unified and all other school districts are being bullied to accept non-scientific radial community change. How sad our schools’ limited resources, or so we are told, are being used to dance with the Planned Parenthood and GLSEN political agendas.

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