While the Cats Were Away the Mice Did Play in Tucson Unified

One of our biggest concerns with the quarantines imposed by the government in reaction to Corona Virus is the opportunity for those same government bodies to shut the public out of decision making in the name of “safety.”

Notice how long it is taking our schools and cities to reopen. Even in Arizona with our hot weather which is said to kill Corona Virus, these local bodies are dragging their feet. Crime tape is still up on playgrounds in both Tempe city parks and Tempe Elementary schools. The Arizona Legislature could not decide whether to sine die or open; the drama went on for weeks. The Arizona Senate voted to Sine Die on May 8, 2020, but it expired in three days. They returned on May 26th only to end the session. How does the general public follow exactly what is going on? Which city is open? To what extent is each city open? Will schools be opening in August? All of this self-imposed indecisiveness accomplishes two things. The first will be larger government as the bodies now feel the need to have staff and procedures just to address Corona Virus. The second, and definitely the most dangerous, is as long as government is closed, the public is not welcome. That means no public comment, no looking at taxpayers directly in the eye during school board or council meetings, and delays in public records requests being filled, among other things.

A perfect example is what happened in Tucson Unified School District on May 12, 2020. For years the district has wanted to update their sex ed curriculum. Sex hasn’t changed in eons, but in order for children to be sexually exploited the material needed to be “updated”. Over the last 18 months or so, the district’s governing board has been on the verge of approving a curriculum with material that is not age-appropriate nor in line with the values of many Tucson families. Each time, something stopped them from approval, whether it was a technicality or strong push back from the Hispanic community.

Here is a link to the district’s virtual board meeting:


The presentation of the new sex ed curriculum starts at about the 1 hour and 45 minute mark and only lasted for about 10 minutes. That is very quick for such important material. According to the presenters, the changes represent feedback from previous forums and they “took community feedback seriously.” All the right things had to be said to trick the public.

The presenter stated abstinence is the preferred method of birth control. Many times when that is said it turns out not to be the case. It is hard for the public to see details during a zoom meeting, but they presenter only showed the scope and sequence of the topics to be covered and shared very few details.

It turns out the curriculum is dependent on “Professional Development”, in fact according to Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo, professional development will be REQUIRED.

That is a red flag. It has been learned that teachers are bringing materials and agendas back to the classroom from professional development training which is not subject to community review. Parents will not be made aware of the content. There was an attempt to address this loophole at the Arizona Senate this year and it was met with horror by Democrats. Keep that in mind in November.

At the 1:54:40 mark, the presenter discusses the sensitive nature of the sex ed topics and much has to do with mental health. If sex ed is about sex then isn’t that science? No, not when sex ed is really gender ideology and fluidity. Now we are getting somewhere and that ties in with the Scope and Sequence slide.

Superintendent Trujillo thanked a representative from the Pima County Health Department, Noel Valle, for his valuable input during the entire process. Just for fun, here is what teens can access from the Pima County Health Department where Mr. Valle works. Your county and federal taxes at work:

We aren’t seeing many references to parents on Pima County’s page. Kind of like those pesky parents that weren’t included in the new TUSD working group. Here is a clip about Noel Valle’s work when he presented to the Pima County Board of Health in 2013.

Has Mr. Valle learn about abstinence for unmarried youth since this presentation? It’s not listed as one of the topics.

Tucson Unified’s newest member, Mr. Bruce Burke, shared his reasons for voting Yes on the new shiny sex ed at the 1:58:13 mark. According to Mr. Burke, “The curriculum meets the mark for inclusion.” He said this curriculum is more inclusive regarding sexual orientation and human condition. He is satisfied the proposed curriculum gives expression of values of inclusion and acceptance.

Yep, there it is. Science is out the door. Instead, Tucson Unified Schools will be spending about an hour of your child’s classroom time for 10 days each school year to focus on gender manipulation. As a stab in the back, TUSD Board President, Kristel Foster, thanked by name (she had trouble saying her name) the one member of the Tucson community who tried her hardest to keep unscientific and mentally harmful curriculum out of students’ hands.

Tucson parents, when you are welcome back to your schools, please get a hold of all the materials for sex ed and review them carefully. The district calls it Family Life Curriculum so you will feel confident in their work. Ask for handouts, copies of the materials from professional development, and request to sit in the classroom during the presentations. Tucson Unified will likely resist sharing much with you. These agendas should not be taught to children without their parents present and a signed permission slip from you.

One thought on “While the Cats Were Away the Mice Did Play in Tucson Unified

  • June 11, 2020 at 5:10 am

    “These agendas should not be taught to children without their parents present and a signed permission slip from you.” IMHO this should not be allowed under any circumstances. I would argue that someone who wants to harm a child has no right to do so even with the parents permission and the parents being there. But, i get that, in these crazy times, that may be a bridge to far for many people; which means we are living in very dangerous times indeed.


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