The Arizona GOP Needs a Come to Jesus Moment

Finally this year voters in the Kyrene Elementary School District in south Tempe, Ahwatukee, and part of Chandler were treated with a dynamic and unafraid governing board candidate. He was so unafraid the he along with a few additional community members called Kyrene on the carpet for the Board’s pending purchase of the divisive and expensive Corwin Deep Equity curriculum.

Dynamic does not mean perfect. Unafraid does not mean perfect. Brave does not mean perfect. We all have faults, especially candidates who aren’t controlled by expensive handlers, consultants, and boring talking points.

When he decided to drop out of the Kyrene School Board race, the community lost someone who would fight for the children and for financial accountability to the taxpayers. Unfortunately the Republicans who live in the district think their kids are safe and receiving a sound education because they have a 3-2 majority on the school board. Criticism of the Kyrene School Board is frowned upon lest the “Republicans” lose their slim majority in the 2020 election.

As the Kyrene School Board race heated up, where was his Legislative District 18 GOP? Where were the Maricopa County and Arizona GOPs? Here was a candidate, like many in local races, who put their life on hold and basically ran on his own. Legislative Districts should be on fire for their local, grassroots candidates. We are told over and over when folks throw their hats in the race they get very little help. These elections are not about Donald Trump or Doug Ducey. Neither of them need financial help nor name recognition. On a day-to-day basis, neither affect families and children as closely as the local school board and city council.

It’s time Republicans get their hands dirty in school and city elections. It has always been much more fun for them to attend clambakes and press the flesh with the DC Elite and the overpriced and ineffective think tanks. For years and years local grassroots candidates have begged for just a little help from the Republican Party. A few dollars, some advertising, some tweets…..and for years and years those often first-time, not rich, inexperienced candidates can’t get the attention of the Arizona or Maricopa County GOPs. All the while, every school district in Arizona has become completely liberal and has lost their way. Several liberal school board members pull double-duty at the state legislature, wreaking havoc on children and families day and night. Why are the Republicans not pulling double-duty? School board positions are very powerful, so why are conservative candidates who put their families and jobs on the line to run for the most important office cast to the side? Those in Republican leadership who have not put forth time and money for local grassroots candidates are directly responsible for what we are seeing on our televisions this weekend. Do not blame riots, sex ed, LGBTQ curriculum, and Deep Equity on Democrats. Had the comfortable suburban families gotten off their couches or opened their checkbooks for $20 here and there, those precious candidates may have had a fighting chance. Because too many are just not wanting to get involved or “so-and-so candidate” isn’t politically correct, we have lost the battle. As a result there is a missing mayor in Phoenix who is more concerned about masks and whether folks went to church on Easter than the city she governs being burned to the ground.

In Tempe the mayor has ordered crime tape on playground equipment even though the Corona Virus, like most viruses, dies in heat. But don’t tell anyone the current Tempe City Council brought in Planned Parenthood in 2019 to invoke mob rule at a meeting to kick off a sitting council member even though no crime was proven. This is who wins local elections because the Republican elites are planning their next social event instead of working for candidates who represent Christian, yes we will say it again, Christian values. If Christian values are not supported, then what specifically are we voting for? Oh yes, Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ sex, mob rule, riots, theft, cheating, and pedophilia.

We are told the money flowing from the AZGOP on down needs to go to swing districts and expensive senate and congressional races. Let’s see where that has gotten us. LD18 where Kyrene Schools are located is represented by three liberal Democrats in the state legislature who don’t stand for parents or children but for some reason residents think the opposite is the case. Kyrene is in Congressional District 9 which is represented in Washington by Greg Stanton who does not seem even vaguely familiar with the Constitution or family values. Phoenix and Tempe City Councils appear to compete with each other to see who can rule with the least common sense while spending the most money.

And then there are the “Well, we will hold our nose and vote for this R candidate because he/she is better than a Democrat.” This might be the worst scenario. Those votes have brought us LGBTQ sex ed along with Planned Parenthood prowling in local schools. Look at this photo of state Senator Kate Brophy McGee (R) who acts more like a Democrat spy.

Does anyone recognize the woman in the Save Our Schools Arizona shirt? She is one of the anti school choice SOS Arizona leaders. Read about her stellar values here. If there is a grassroots constitutional Republican in LD28 to challenge Senator McGee, will those in the district get off their couches and help that candidate? Or will they just let Planned Parenthood, GLSEN, and social justice curriculum rule the day when it is debated at the state legislature?

Republicans in Arizona, if you believe in the Party platform, then it is up to you to uphold the values our country was founded on. It’s time to stand up, act, and be prepared to tell your maker on the last day what YOU did to protect children and families from the upside-down society we have condoned through our political laziness.

2 thoughts on “The Arizona GOP Needs a Come to Jesus Moment

  • June 11, 2020 at 5:29 am

    “It’s time to stand up, act, and be prepared to tell your maker on the last day what YOU did to protect children and families from the upside-down society we have condoned through our political laziness.” Amen to that! At least we know some of what you have done to “protect children and families from the upside-down society”. (insert “thumbs up” emoji here)

    • June 14, 2020 at 12:15 am

      Thanks to lots of help. 🙂

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