Schools Are Used to Hijack the Rainbow

There was a time a couple images consistently came to mind at the site of a rainbow.  The first is nature’s rainbow in the sky after a rain.  Little kids run to their parents and exclaim what they saw in the sky, describing the colors and how far across the sky the arc spanned.  And of course, the rainbow is the Arc of the Covenant between God and all living creatures as described in Genesis.

But that just won’t do.  Instead, GLSEN and every LBGTQXYZ group have hijacked the images of both the natural and biblical rainbow.  Of course, why would GLSEN, along with it’s partner Planned Parenthood, stick to science and religion?  Toss them both out and do it in the government schools.

Schools galore are setting up LGBT/Gay Straight Alliance Clubs (GSA).  This isn’t an accident, and it helps to have Obama in the White Rainbow House making demands of school districts while dangling the funding carrot.   The teachers unions (yes, the same organization that trains Planned Parenthood candidates in Arizona) are pushing hard with your money to keep religion out of kids’ lives (you know, the Arc of the Covenant) but slam the LGBTQ rainbow flag in their faces.

Thanks to MassResistance for putting this video together of the recent Gay Pride Parade in Boston.  If you can stomach it, sit through the entire video so you know what the Gay Straight Alliances are bringing to your children’s classrooms.  Note the Planned Parenthood marchers at the 5:55 mark, they never miss an opportunity to pervert kids.  At the 7:45 mark, you and your kids can shop for sex toys–no need for the local retail shops.  And pay special attention to the poster that smacks down the Catholic Church in the same parade that promotes Satanic worship.

Also, a Gay Pride group in your public school will further the cause of eliminating any remaining reminders of God from your kid’s mind, despite what you, the parents teach.  Scroll down on this link to see the twisted religious messages the Gay Pride groups are sharing with your kids.  Your kids can’t play “Oh Holy Night” at the Christmas band concert, but the school’s GSA group can share their make-believe religion.  And as usual, the federal government is overreaching, creating a Shame List of  which colleges are Christian, and therefore may not be “LGBT friendly”.  Word it how you want, this is just another example of Obama and his administration attempting to break up the family, which in turn breaks up society and creates a bigger need for the government.  Here’s an idea, how about creating a list of two-faced local public schools who give their employees a paid holiday called Christmas but deny the students their right to sing Christmas Carols in music class?

Tempe High School just awarded Dr. Eileen Yellin* their Safe Schools Advisor Award.  Although she states her goal is “Safe Schools”, we know from MassResistance the real goal is social engineering.

Do you think we could get a staff member to lead the students in how to form a Bible Study group in the Tempe schools?

*Update 7-31-16  Notinourschools sends condolences to the family, friends, and students of Dr. Yellin who died recently.  Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.



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