AZ Teachers Union Married to Planned Parenthood

Want to run for office?  Great, if you support Comprehensive Sex Ed in the classroom, Arizona has an opportunity for you!

Isn’t it interesting the Arizona Education Association has partnered with the Pink People for candidate training?  How smooth!  Planned Parenthood gets $1 million/day in tax revenue alone.  The AEA gets money from YOUR children’s teachers’ paychecks.  Therefore, you AND the teachers are funding candidates to infiltrate the school boards.  From there, they will move on to run for bigger offices

This is a win-win for…….Planned Parenthood!  And the AEA is so nice to offer Planned Parenthood space for these workshops.  No conflict of interest here, none at all!

Remember the Progressives’ goal of taking over education.  It’s a done deal.


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