Pro-Choice: Kids Can Get an IUD at School, but Don’t Ask For a Pepsi

You can’t make this stuff up.  As our First Lady dictates what can and can’t be eaten in public schools, Washington schools decided to expand their menu, so to speak.

Children as young as 6th grade are being dealt IUDs, and without their parents knowing.  And best of all, our tax dollars are funding this.  Will our tax dollars also fund lawsuits when these kids have long term medical and emotional consequences and the districts are forced to defend themselves in court?

Those of you in Tempe Union High School District, pay attention.  Remember that the curriculum your School Board and Superintendent implemented this year was based on a King County (Seattle, WA) program called FLASH.  Yes, it was watered down, but it is still FLASH, and it is still developed by Planned Parenthood.

Looking at various statistics, the state of Washington has a higher abortion rate than most other states.  It’s ironic that when Planned Parenthood sees this problem, they never blame themselves.  Instead, they ask for more access to the kids and they receive it.  Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Are free IUDs and birth control the next gift from the federal government to TUHSD and other school districts using FLASH?  Thanks to administrators and government money the door is open, come on in.



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