Poor, Poor, Planned Parenthood

One of the biggest complaints from Republicans and many Independent voters over the last two years is Planned Parenthood is still being funded by the United States government.  Thankfully President Trump’s administration has tried to curtail some of the funding we taxpayers are providing Abortion, Inc., but each time Planned Parenthood’s pink lawyers march to the courts crying crocodile tears to demand continued tax dollars.  They act as though the organization will fall apart without government funds.  Pregnancy centers are successful without government money and many actually provide free ultrasounds and assistance throughout the pregnancy.  Maybe Planned Parenthood could take a lesson from their financial and volunteer model.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona (PPAZ)  didn’t feel it was permeating the culture enough several years ago.  They wanted to expand their “education” outreach so they needed to find some extra money because they just didn’t have enough (tears, tears).   What to do?  Use vulnerable students to coerce more funds, of course.

Back in 2013, PPAZ was working tightly with the Creighton School District in the Phoenix area.  Their education director, Vicki Hadd-Wissler, did a marvelous job setting up sex ed training with the teachers in Creighton.  Once that was complete, Ms. Hadd-Wissler had what she needed to solicit funds elsewhere.

As it turns out, if Planned Parenthood crossed certain I’s and dotted certain T’s, they may be eligible for some additional funds from outside sources.  Sadly, there are organizations who supplement cash-strapped Planned Parenthood through grants.


After some back and forth between Creighton’s Sylvia Earl and Ms. Hadd-Wissler, the perfect letter was drafted which would be sent with Planned Parenthood’s application to the Stranahan Foundation:

PPAZ summary letter for getting funding from Sylvia


Like most organizations, The Stranahan Foundation likely started with great intentions but has gone astray.  It was started by the founders of Champion spark plugs and is based in Toledo, Ohio.  The foundation mainly supports local organizations, but if the correct boxes are checked, they will funnel money outside of Ohio, as it did back in 2013.  Vicki Hadd-Wissler was giddy at her success.

The next time Planned Parenthood complains about funding, remind them they can find private funding like the grant above and also solicit their Hollywood and DC millionaires buddies.  At least that way they aren’t using the kids to ruin the kids.

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