Planned Parenthood’s Universal, but Medically Inaccurate Values

How often do we hear “medically accurate” from Planned Parenthood’s representatives?  Then of course Planned Parenthood schools repeat the words so the families in each community assume the sex ed curriculum or anything else Planned Parenthood says is “medically accurate.”  The innocent parents tell themselves what is being handed to their students in the classroom is in fact “medically accurate.”  All is good, science matters, their neighborhood school gets a pink ribbon, and Planned Parenthood is “medically accurate” because their representatives said so.

Not so fast.  How does Planned Parenthood explain this screenshot from a sex ed training power point held in Creighton Elementary School District in Phoenix, Arizona?

Why would anyone want to teach fewer facts, especially in a school setting?  Did Creighton representatives question this statement?

Now we know how Planned Parenthood worms its way into the lives of school administrators.  We have a plethora of communications between Creighton Elementary School District (in Phoenix) and Planned Parenthood which we obtained from a public records request.  Creighton resisted answering our request initially, but quickly worked on it when legal action was threatened.   It’s unfortunate this district tried to hide important information, but that is a common theme when administrators join with Planned Parenthood.  Are school districts covering their tracks or is the abortion mill recommending secrecy?

Creighton is using FLASH, a Planned Parenthood sex curriculum which is emotionally and physically dangerous for anyone under the age of 18.  At least Tempe Union High Schools watered FLASH down a little bit.  Creighton did not.  And sadly, Creighton is an elementary school district.  We have evidence they are using FLASH for students as young as second grade.

The Planned Parenthood sales person, disguised as the Director of Education, does a terrific job at befriending her initial contact in the district and building a trusting relationship.  They even chat about the administrator’s upcoming birth and subsequently her cute baby.  How ironic is that?  As the friendly relationship builds, Planned Parenthood gathers more and more contacts within the district and more time with the administrators.  That in turn leads to direct contact with the students’ parents.  The parents trust the district, the district trusts the PP sales person and presto, Planned Parenthood has more access to the children in the school buildings than a member of the clergy.

As the relationship develops, Planned Parenthood feeds the district with the proper talking points.  Once these are recited enough, they become the truth, the truth for all the administrators and governing board members involved.  Ultimately, if a parent has the guts to question the origin of the content or the content itself, they will be met with a perverted hierarchy which defends their new friend, the chummy Planned Parenthood educator sales person.

Here’s another curious screenshot from the power point:

Universal Values…..who came up with that?  Our society has been corrupted for a multitude of reasons, so does that mean these new “values” are acceptable?  Think about the above statement “Large majority of our society holds these values.”  There was a time when a large majority of Americans were okay with slavery.  Was this a value that should have been bolstered?  What about when a majority of Americans accepted segregated drinking fountains?

Planned Parenthood has affected the culture and the culture has affected Planned Parenthood.  Stuck in the middle are children.  As morals are removed from society, Planned Parenthood feels it is their duty to teach kids to lower their standards to reflect society.  And Creighton Schools have gone along for the ride, for whatever reason.

This article is a fantastic synopsis of the mind games GLSEN and many other groups like Planned Parenthood are using.  Planned Parenthood is pushing the LGBTQ agenda even though their big dollars come from abortion.  LGBTQ is a big business and joining forces with those groups gives Planned Parenthood more power politically by acting as victims.  None of these agendas has a place in public schools, especially when Planned Parenthood is determining Universal Values.




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