Planned Parenthood Provides Fun For All in Phoenix’s Creighton Schools

It’s not clear who is running the social programs in Creighton Schools, located in central Phoenix.  It might be the new superintendent, Dr. Donna Lewis.  Maybe the fun, after school get-togethers are a result of the brain trust of the Creighton Governing Board.  Or maybe Vicki Hadd-Wissler from Planned Parenthood joined with Tiffany Arenas to schedule Sex Ed classes for the students, students as young as Kindergarten.


creighton invite


Whoever is to blame, it seems all the parents weren’t notified and some parents and teachers are uncomfortable with the Pink intrusion, but who can they go to?  Parents are purposely ignored when Planned Parenthood enters the picture and teachers risk losing their jobs if they speak up.  Although the title of this program is “Parents as Sexuality Educator”, we know right off the bat this is not the case, it never is with Planned Parenthood.  Read this Facebook post from a former Planned Parenthood director.  Especially noteworthy is this paragraph written by Abby Johnson:

Why does Planned Parenthood want to provide sex education in our schools? Because they want to help protect our kids? No. It’s because they want to develop a relationship with our children at a very young age so that when our children start thinking about sex, they will turn to Planned Parenthood and not us as parents.

Furthermore, the FLASH curriculum Creighton Schools is using may have violated Arizona law when Tempe Union High Schools tried to implement it in 2014.

Think about this, how many College of Education students at Arizona’s three state universities will tell you they chose the teaching profession so they can teach kids sex ed, many as young as five years old?  The problem is this is happening everywhere with sex creatively slipped into Health Class, Anatomy and Physiology, Literature, Art, and now where you least expect it–Kindergarten.

Surely the Creighton five and six year olds are learning their colors, especially Planned Parenthood Pink.

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