Show and Tell by Planned Parenthood

As Donald Trump continues to praise Planned Parenthood, some viewers want to throw things at their televisions and others agree with him, repeating “they do so much good other than abortion.”

Okay, let’s keep that in mind as we do a quick search of Planned Parenthood’s twitter page.  While reading these few entries, remember this organization is lurking in your kids’ classrooms.  Oh, this material is not rated G, prepare yourself and hide the children.

Serious question, what is a “Cis” person?

For those of you who missed National Condom Week:

You thought your high schooler was taking Chemistry lab as a prerequisite for college:

Here is Planned Parenthood’s outreach to Blacks since they are killing more Black babies in New York City than are born alive (otherwise titled “Black kids, never mind talking with your parents, come right to your local Planned Parenthood for help”):

And to keep your child on Planned Parenthood’s twitter account, they “hook up” with additional racy accounts to lure unsuspecting minds:

Uh, oh,  Those Hispanics better not reproduce; Planned Parenthood really targets them because most are Christian:

Again, don’t mess with your parents or pediatrician.  Run right to Walgreens, or better yet Planned Parenthood for all your #CondomWeek needs:

We could go on and on.  Planned Parenthood only chooses its content carefully if they are changing definitions or sneaking into schools.

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