Permission Slips Mandatory for Student Surveys? Not So Says Mesa Schools

There is a little known statute in Arizona regarding student surveys adminstered in public schools. Many corporations develop and sell education materials, and often that includes surveys. It sounds like a good idea to take the temperature of the classroom, but the motive behind the surveys and how they will be used is of concern.

Mesa Public Schools, the largest school district in Arizona, is administering what they think is a benign survey this week. Let’s take a look at the statute which pertains to surveys in public or charter schools.

Administration sent parents an email notifying them of the survey and said there are no Arizona laws being broken. It appears there are a few questions which fall under the yellow highlighted areas in the above statute. Here is the survey Mesa is having students fill out.

Where did Mesa Public Schools get this survey? Who did they pay and how much did it cost? School districts are not coming up with Social Emotional tools on their own, there is money to be made behind the scenes. MySaebrs is the screening tool used.

The entire premise for this tool is to invade the family unit and focus on anything but academics. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) provides a path for that mystery counselor or psychologist to involve themselves in family dynamics by separating the child from his parents. We are hearing it more and more, it’s the first step to either CPS taking children for no apparent reason or planting the seeds for a warped sexual agenda. This sounds wild for those who are just becoming aware of these programs in schools but it is happening across the country.

When checking the Mesa Public Schools website for information today, many of the links were not working, including those that link to previous governing board meetings and the assessment page where we may have been able to find contract information.

Parents in Higley area are discovering Illuminate is a company used to administer MySaebrs assessments. Illuminate may appear with the name Renaissance or Fastbridge.

Great, more student data breaches. Renaissance isn’t just about data collecting, however, it is about subtly inserting the usual agendas into classrooms. Check out this link and the hyperlinks within. Did the Mesa Governing Board research these biased connections? Here is more from the Renaissance website.

Renaissance should not take all the blame, it appears Illuminate was programming students and teachers in Diversity and Equity propaganda as well, before the acquisition. Illuminate Education’s Resource Library has a plethora of DEI links for your enjoyment.

And there it is, Whole Child, another term for the Communist Whole School concept about which our legislators in Arizona are getting thrills up their legs.

Once Illuminate has yours and your child’s personal information, look who the company works with.

We can’t access information on Mesa Public Schools website at this time, however we did find out what Higley Unified School District is paying for Illuminate to data mine their student body. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Transgender, etc. is the new religion. Those in charge are seeking to replace families’ traditions and beliefs, and kids who don’t go along with this new religion at school will feel outnumbered and fall to the pressure.

Remember this half million dollars when Higley or Mesa start crying about needing more money in a budget override.

Mesa and Higley are two school districts in some of the most Republican suburbs of Phoenix, yet are supporting liberal agendas. This brings us back to a recent event regarding the Mesa School Board. There was an opening on the governing board and 49 interested residents applied. A few days ago, “Republican” Maricopa County Superintendent Steve Watson appointed Courtney Davis, a mother who had not been seen at governing board meetings. She is well-connected to some powerful Mesa families, but don’t tell anyone. That being said, will Mrs. Davis, in her new role as a board member, bring any of these DEI survey indoctrination issues to the dais? Well, don’t hold your breath, Mrs. Davis uses all the right buzzwords.

Mesa Public Schools will continue its academic decline unless folks are elected to stop this runaway and expensive DEI/LGBTQ train. Thankfully Arizona has many options outside the public school system Mesa families can take advantage of.

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