Mesa Public Schools Board President Gives the Community the Middle Finger While Doing Bidding of the Trans Lobby

One thing has become very clear over the last several decades. Most elected officials do not work for the people. While they say all the right things to the people to get their vote, what really matters is powerful political ties and access to money which drives the majority of their decisions.

For some reason, Mesa School Board President Marcie Hutchinson has decided to ignore her community and even state statutes to keep her circle of powerful people happy. Currently Mesa Public Schools (MPS) and the district’s superintendent, Andi Fourlis, are being sued by Rachel Walden, one of their own governing board members. Mesa Public Schools has made it a policy to keep parents in the dark if their children decide to transition. The complaint lists eleven statutes which have not been followed, including discussing sex education (yes, the discussion about removing a child’s reproductive organs and taking hormones for life qualifies as sex education). While the legal filing is long, it is worth the read and should put all school districts in Arizona on notice. While this complaint dates back to 2015 policies, decisions were made by MPS since Mrs. Hutchinson joined the governing board in 2019. It is the responsibility of the governing board to hire and fire the Superintendent. The Mesa Public Schools governing board did not take responsibility and discipline Andi Fourlis for the trickery done to Mesa parents.

Why is one lone freshman board member demanding better of the district? Why are the others covering for the MPS administration? Silence is acceptance. Silence is slavery. Rachel Walden would not be a slave to the lies put forth by the militant transgender community. Governing Board members are not elected to vote Yes so as to appear to get along. And they are not elected to vote Yes because they are too lazy to thoroughly review the upcoming meeting agenda. Yes, the agendas are way too long, but that is a symptom of school districts not staying in their academic lane.

So who is Marcie Hutchinson? She was supported by Arizona List, a lobbying group which supports women (and men who dress up as women…cough, cough Paul Bixler) who support abortion.

Mrs. Hutchinson received not only an endorsement, but blood money from Arizona List to aid her campaign.

The abortion lobby and LGBTQ industry go hand in hand, both falling under the Social Emotional Learning umbrella. It likely would not look good for Mrs. Hutchinson to question her employee, Superintendent Andi Fourlis, about her support for secretly grooming and transitioning children who attend Mesa Schools. Money>Children.

Mesa Public Schools recently had a bond election in hopes of coercing more money from the hard-working residents of Mesa. This time the effort failed, but Mrs. Hutchinson was heavily involved. She and others delivered Vote Yes postcards to post offices.

One of her political friends who joined the effort is Mesa’s top groomer, Mayor John Giles.

They have to continue the gravy train so MPS can expand its reach, including into the sexual lives of their own students. What better way than to put together an expensive campaign in an off year. And how about if your husband and good friend who are also entrenched in politics run the effort?

This screenshot was from the Yes for Mesa website. Look at the lies about parent input and transparency. Is Mike Hutchinson, who is one of the campaign’s leaders, trying to protect his wife?

The ties that bind get more interesting. Campaign co-leader Michael Hughes is a bigshot at A New Leaf when he’s not tricking Mesans out of more tax dollars. A New Leaf is an organization which supports the needy in the community. What may have started as a great organization has been corrupted by the LGBTQ militants, the same militants who are sneaking around parents to illegally transition students in Mesa Public Schools.

As Mesa students become more confused by the district’s transgender policies, A New Leaf will be there to affirm the children, all under the direction of CEO Michael Hughes. But it gets better. Somehow the MPS governing board gave A New Leaf a smoking deal on a lease.

The Hutchinsons and Michael Hughes are twisted together like a jumbo pretzel. Here is a donation from A New Leaf to Marcie Hutchinson.

Marcie Hutchinson joined Save Our Schools Arizona, the most vocal group against school choice in the state. When children are offered options to leave public schools like those in Mesa which are harming children, SOS Arizona runs to the local media to complain.

How ironic Save Our Schools Arizona and Marcie Hutchinson would use a baby for votes while taking abortion money from Arizona List. Marcie Hutchinson has chosen to lie to the people of Mesa. Weak people lie and often lie as a pack to quiet those who disagree. Rachel Walden has chosen dignity for herself and the children in Mesa Public Schools.

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