Free Condoms at Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College (MCC) is located in Mesa, Arizona and is part of the Maricopa County Community College System.  It was established in 1965 to serve the rapidly growing area just east of Phoenix at that time.  Currently there are close to 26,000 students enrolled.

Recently there was a controversial program held at MCC.  One of the Maricopa County Board members, Jean McGrath, attended the meeting and voiced some concerns.  During some debate on a land lease at MCC, Ms. McGrath made a startling comment.  Listen from the 1:46 to 1:48 mark.

At a subsequent meeting, a student government leader, Lorena Austin, spoke in defense of the condom accessibility at the MCC campus.  She stated the condoms were donated to the school but she did not say who donated them.  She also brushed off the fact that minors are often on campus.  It was her opinion that parents of the minors realize these items may exist on the MCC campus and referred to condoms as “life saving.”

Just a few months ago, we discovered The University of Arizona was also distributing free condoms.  At that time we emailed the contact person for the condom programs for more information.

It has now been over two months and we have received no response from the state employee who is running the condom program.

Meanwhile, a quarter mile away from the University of Arizona’s free condoms, the head football coach was recently fired due to sexual allegations.  This post is not about what Coach Rich Rodriguez did or didn’t do.  What we are concerned with is once again the double standard to which we adults subject our children.  While the University of Arizona appears to clamping down on inappropriate sexual behavior in the football program, they are promoting a sexual culture to the students.  What is the message the State of Arizona and Maricopa County really want to send to the students they are educating?

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