Federal Government Funds Sex App for Kids

The education industry continually tells us technology is needed in the classroom so students are competitive in the real world.  At the same time, educators and parents complain kids spend too much time on their devices.  Many parents are happy to purchase devices for their kids, but assume they and the school districts are safeguarding what can be downloaded on their kids’ screens.

Meanwhile, creative minds in the sex industry are developing ways to get their information to the kids with the help of the federal government and a prestigious university.

Meet MyHealthEd, Inc.   This is an app kids can download so they can talk about sex.  Actually, originally the developers geared the app to high schoolers, but they found it was too late; that age group was already talking about sex.  So now the app is geared towards middle school students.

How often do we hear “kids need to talk about sex”?  Really?  That is not what is on the minds of kids, unless we adults put it in their minds.  We hear Planned Parenthood tell us sex is a personal matter and we agree.  Therefore, why do Planned Parenthood and others who can profit feel the kids should be talking about sex all the time and with anyone?

Normally storytelling is used in English class to develop language and writing skills.  Not anymore.  Storytelling is now about SEX!!

As it turns out, the Office of Adolescent Health spent $325,000 to assist this “non-profit” with their app project.  Additionally, the app was developed by a trio at Yale University who won $25,000 for their endeavors.  The competition awards various business-minded teams at Yale for their efforts and innovation.

Here is a link to the threesome to get to know them better.

Here is the grant number for the “free money” to the “non-profit” MyHealthEd,Inc.

The Board of MyHealthEd is an interesting group, with a lawyer in their back pocket just in case.  One of the board members is Nicole Cushman, who has spent much of her life with Planned Parenthood.

Cushman’s ties to the new sex ed app will give her an additional opportunity to work directly with kids, but this time without their parents and without that pesky approval from school boards.  In her above bio, Cushman is introduced as the Executive Director of Answer.  Answer is another sex ed organization, because there aren’t yet enough in the United States.  Here is a link from her Answer webpage to the organizations she refers.  You will see she refers 3-year olds to Advocates for Youth.  She refers 9-year olds to Planned Parenthood.  If the pattern continues maybe Ms. Cushman and the Yale Trio can develop a sex app for elementary and preschoolers, also.

This is scary.  The Comprehensive Sex Ed industry is doing everything they can to sell their goods and they are very successful while using our dime.  It will be interesting to see which governmental agencies refer this risky app to their citizens in the fall of 2017.


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