Americans–>Stand up for Your Religious Views Before Canadian Policies Arrive

The fine people of Canada show a tremendous amount of patience as their government tramples on their values and schools, both public and private.  But now it’s time for our easy-going and polite neighbors to the north to put up some fight.  And while Americans watch, we can learn a thing or two about what is coming our way.

Ontario, Canada’s mandatory sex ed program is not news at this point.  While some people think Comprehensive Sex Ed in schools is necessary, many of these same people fail to take into account the long-term consequences of this agenda.  The government of Ontario just passed a new bill which takes parental responsibility and choices away and hands it to government authorities.  Bill 89 is called the Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Act.  The problem is the bill does not support families and therefore it does not support children and youth.

The Comprehensive Sex Ed curriculums have done a stellar job normalizing the manufactured LGBTQXYZ crisis.  While there have always been people with same sex tendencies, never before has the lifestyle been promoted everywhere.  Now the month of June is Gay Pride Month–remember when June was associated with weddings?  Currently parents are encouraged to allow their kids to mutilate themselves into a “trans” person.  Some parents get paid to parade their trans children on the TLC Channel.  The list goes on and on.

Now in Ontario, Canada Bill 89 requires that foster and adoptive parents agree with the LGBT agenda.  Furthermore, the religion of the parents is no longer allowed to be a factor in adoption and fostering, but the child’s religion can be.  How would a young child acquire a religion, except from his or her parents?  And much like California, if an adopted or foster child might identify as LGBT, parents cannot question it or guide them in a different direction or it is considered child abuse.

Check out this tweet from GLSEN, the organization that is corrupting schools:

Who doesn’t want kids to be authentic?  Evidently, GLSEN doesn’t want authenticity.  Here they tweet just the opposite:

According to the above news piece, this child is a boy, he had all the parts at birth:

Think of every two-year old you have ever known.  When did any of them complain about their sex?  It appears this mother wanted a daughter and planted an idea and words in her son’s mind.  Now the mother and son will be heroes for GLSEN and any future mental problems will be blamed on our Judeo-Christian society.

Remember when we were told to be open-minded to gay “marriage” and gays adopting children?  Why isn’t the Canadian government and the LGBT industry not open-minded to true marriage and religion?  The video in this tweet puts to rest the ridiculous demands a small but well-funded and noisy industry has placed on our society.

Boston’s Catholic Charities can no longer place children for adoption due to the law mandating they open the opportunity up to gay couples.  Basically traditional couples who attend church on a regular basis are kept from bringing homeless children into their family.  What makes sense about that?

This is just what the secularists want.  By eliminating any reference to God, especially traditional Judeo-Christian religions, they justify their own viewpoints, which change with the wind because they are not based in truth, while preventing the next generation from pursuing any interest in God.  They prove this by avoiding any mention of religion in schools.  School administrators have taken vending machines and junk food away from students so they are not tempted.  They also have taken the words “Christmas Vacation” away from the school calendar and renamed it Winter Break.  It seems there is no reason to tempt the kids with a little Christ around December 25th.  Because of this name change, it remains a mystery why schools close for two weeks late in the year. Maybe the secular school administrators should put their money where there mouths are and show up for work on December 25th instead of hiding behind some phony words.

For the person who thinks a law like Canada’s Bill 89 won’t happen in the United States, it already has.  Here is a link to a new law in Illinois mandating foster parents be LGBT-affirming.  Most likely the next target will be adoptive couples.  When will school teachers be ordered to support the gay lifestyle?  Clergy?  The final goal will be courts mandating Catholic priests must marry LGBT couples.  Don’t think this won’t happen, remember The Little Sisters of the Poor were mandated to pay for birth control and abortions under Obamacare.

Many think we have a reprieve and our First Amendment religious freedoms have been restored with the 2016 presidential election.  Not so fast, we need to be more vigilant and politically involved than ever.  The anti-family, anti-children industry is still well-funded and very organized.  While we raise our families, they are planning their next deviant political move on the backs of our kids.



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