Arizona GOP Activist Funding Pro-Planned Parenthood State Senate Candidate

One of the traits most frustrating about politicians is hypocrisy.  It is much easier for the voter if politicians are honest, even if we disagree with them.  Candidates should just give us a clear picture of their intentions so we can make solid decisions in the voting booth.

The Democratic Party is a solid Planned Parenthood supporter.  This is not a surprise and although we don’t like Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion, sex ed for all philosophy, we appreciate their honesty.

Then there are Republicans……..After winning the House of Representatives, Senate, and Presidency in 2016, there were no apparent obstacles to defunding Planned Parenthood.  Except there has been a big obstacle, and that is the Republicans.  It makes no sense, especially since the Republican Party Platform supports life and many, many GOP candidates campaigned against Planned Parenthood.

We normally focus on the state and federal offices as the source of decision-making which affects our lives.  Actually, the most powerful political positions lie in each state’s party apparatus.  The Precinct Committeeman (PC) role is the office most close to home, and since political parties are SUPPOSED to work bottom up, that role should be the most powerful position in the political party.

In Arizona, each January there is a mandatory Precinct Committeemen meeting where leadership for each county in the state is voted in, as are resolutions and bylaws.  It’s also a place where the elected office holders tell the PCs what a great job they are doing, even if they aren’t.  The meetings follow Roberts Rules of Order–it is serious business.

Last fall, Democrat Sean Bowie, a Planned Parenthood candidate, won the State Senate seat in Legislative District 18 in the area southeast of downtown Phoenix.  Senator Bowie had very little life experience but won in the highly contested district.  Fair enough.

Recently it was discovered that a Republican activist and Precinct Committeeman donated to Democrat Sean Bowie’s campaign.   Mr. Joe Abate is a PC in Legislative District 24, he even has won awards.

Mr. Abate has been very active in Arizona politics.  He has had important positions in the Party and at the yearly Maricopa County organizational meetings.  In fact, Abate is going to be the Parliamentarian at the January, 2018 meeting.

The problem is GOP leader Joe Abate sent a donation to Sean Bowie’s 2016 State Senate campaign.

Mr. Abate is free to support any candidate he would like and none of us really know who our friends and acquaintances actually choose in the voting booth.  However, why would a Republican leader support a Planned Parenthood, “Make America Gay Again” candidate over Frank Schmuck, a former military officer who is pro-life?  It is unclear why the Arizona and Maricopa County Republican Party organizations are looking the other way on this.

UPDATE 10-9-17  Thanks to a sharp reader who sent us this picture.  It is Mr. Joe Abate receiving an award at the Maricopa County Republican Luncheon in May of 2017.  You know, the party that is pro-life and pro-family.  Devout Catholic and pro-life Congressman David Schweikert presented the award to Mr. Abate.  Looking on to the right is Chris Herring, Maricopa County Republican Chairman.

All of our questions as to why our Republican Congress is still supporting Planned Parenthood and handing them $1 million/day of our tax money may be answered by Joe Abate’s political activity.  The GOP supports Planned Parenthood secretly but complains about it publicly just enough so they can raise funds from pro-life voters who think they are following the Republican platform.  Republicans in Congress, please prove this theory is incorrect.



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