2016 Arizona State Senate Candidate Sean Bowie Endorses Planned Parenthood

We can’t forget there are contests this year that are actually more important than the race for the Oval Office.  Local elections, from school board to state legislatures, have a huge impact on our everyday lives and families despite the fact they don’t draw television ratings.

As notinourschools.net learns of candidates who are supported by Planned Parenthood and visa versa in this year’s elections, we will share that information.  Planned Parenthood politicians need to pay the pink organization back by spreading its misery into the lives of children under the guise of Comprehensive Sex Ed.

Likewise, if a local candidate pledges to not support Planned Parenthood or its causes, we will endorse that candidate.

To nobody’s surprise, LD18 Democrats who reside southeast of Phoenix are sporting a Planned Parenthood candidate.  Part of Tempe, Arizona lies in LD18, and 5 of Tempe Union’s high schools are part of LD18.  How convenient.

Sean Bowie is a graduate of TUHSD.  We keep hearing of “fresh faces” in politics, and Mr. Bowie appears to fit that desire.  Unfortunately, he speaks the same old Planned Parenthood language.  Those who oppose Planned Parenthood in any way are labeled “extremists.”  This is a scare tactic so we have to defend ourselves.  Instead, we should ask Mr. Bowie why he isn’t calling baby body part sales extreme.

And would Mr. Bowie support sending $1 million/day tax money to local pregnancy centers since that is how much Planned Parenthood receives each day from us?  He supports equality, right?  Maybe Mr. Bowie is “extreme” for not funding pregnancy centers, even though his tweet indicates he supports women.

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