Are We Really Surprised?

Of course we are shocked at the recent video exposing Planned Parenthood’s cavalier attitude towards babies, no–clump of cells, no–intact organ extrication guided by ultrasound, but wait, they don’t like their patients to see the product of conception, but we need to not crush the 17-weeker because he may have a liver while the PP “doctor” eats her specimen, I mean salad………She stressed more about what kind of wine to order than what happened to the 17-weeker a few hours earlier.

Heads are spinning.  The media is spinning.  Politicians are spinning on both sides–some are ignoring, some ignored a month ago, some aren’t ignoring due to pressure, some clearly want to get to the bottom of any legal and ethical breaches by Planned Parenthood.  And in the full video, Family Planning Associates is also implicated.  Let’s get their name out there, also.

But the emotions are for today.  We know there will be another big news story about something else that will knock this baby parts video out of our minds.  We know the politicians will start looking at poll numbers and make further decisions regarding the video and investigations accordingly.  We know those of us who are rightly suspicious of anything Planned Parenthood and pink will get upset and frustrated, but we will move on.

For about 10 minutes Tuesday, I was glad Planned Parenthood was caught.  I really thought if nothing else there has to be a financial investigation since they receive so much money from our taxes.  And maybe the State of Arizona would use 2014 legislation to conduct one of those surprise health center investigations, which are now legal but no longer front page news.

Then I remembered we are dealing with Planned Parenthood.  They will not go away quietly.  They will not go away, they never have.  Not until we use the basic theory of supply vs. demand.

We cannot depend on this President, this Congress, and maybe no one on the federal level to ever fully investigate Planned Parenthood.  This monster is so intertwined with so many agencies, grants, organizations, etc.  So many programs that sound good and helpful for women and families are really fronts for Planned Parenthood’s tentacles.  Even the Girl Scouts.  Even yoga classes in Scottsdale, AZ.  Even Susan G. Komen. Add Zumba in Yuma, AZ (read the link near the bottom for Zumba information). Title X (thanks Nixon). Just to name a few.

So, what do we do?  The medical director in the video mirrors today’s culture.  I wanted to base all the content on this website with scientific facts, data, experience, etc.  I did not plan to get religious because I want to appeal to everyone, religious or not, about the dire situation in our education system.  But think about it. When God was removed from schools, a vacuum was created, purposely.  Something has to fill the vacuum, so here we are.

Schools get reprimanded for posting the 10 Commandments.  Schools refer to Christmas vacation as “Winter Break.”  A random Friday in April is “Holiday” Friday instead of Passover or Good Friday.  And we accept this.

We let it go because we voted for it.  While we were busy just doing our thing, we allowed these subtle changes to occur.  So why are we surprised?  Should we be mad at Planned Parenthood and its medical director and Cecil Richards?  Maybe, but we bear much responsibility.

Let this terrible video be a wake up call for all.  It is imperative that we take our schools back, one Board member at a time.  We have to speak up at those boring, rehearsed School Board meetings even though they ignore and sneer at us.

We parents and family members have to prove to society that we do care about our kids.  We cannot drop our kids at the school door and ignore everything going on inside.  The kids belong to us, not some overpaid administrator.   It’s our own fault the Districts think they own our kids.  They have become the surrogate parents because we let them.

Planned Parenthood will get more desperate now.  They know they MAY have awakened a sleeping giant.  Expect them to be sneakier and continue to stalk the youngest of our kids using creative methods.  They have to in order to stay in business.  We are at war.  Be tough, be vigilant, be happy warriors.  Together we can change our culture through our children.

On a slightly different note, there is a great organization for abortion workers who want to leave the industry.  If you hear of one, please refer him or her to And Then There Were None.



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