Well, Tempe Union High School Board, We Were Wrong

Throughout 2014, many Tempe residents expressed concern to the School Board about Tempe Union High School’s (TUHSD) pending adoption of Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed agenda.  We felt Planned Parenthood’s invasiveness was to maintain their clientele base, as many of these students would feed into Arizona State University up the road and most abortions are done on college students.

I guess we were a little wrong.  Sorry…..mea culpa……

Remember when PP told us they want abortions to decline?  We hear over and over we should provide everyone, any age, birth control and they won’t need abortions.  That’s why we need Comprehensive Sex Ed, it’s for the children.

As it turns out, Planned Parenthood’s goal isn’t to maintain a clientele base, it’s to monopolize the abortion business.

It’s strange that many complain about Walmart and Home Depot pushing the little guy, the mom-and-pops out of business.  But it’s okay if Planned Parenthood pushes out other smaller abortion providers, and all while using our tax money.

So the citizens were wrong.  We didn’t realize it is an abortion monopoly Planned Parenthood desires.

Hey, aren’t there laws in the U.S. against monopolies?

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