Abortion and Drag Queens

Summers tend to be quiet in Arizona, but not for those who sexually groom and exploit children. In case you missed it, a plant nursery in Tucson scheduled some adult performers to put on a show recently. Plantney hosted a Drag Queen Show, and not surprisingly most outside the Big Education industry consider this adult entertainment.

There is just one problem, children had a front row seat.

At the end of the video, Plantney wrote a statement and we outlined a few sentences in yellow. Notice he claims the drag performers aren’t sexually grooming children. Then why were they flopping their chests in the girls’ faces? Why were they gyrating? Why were they made up to look like clowns? Why were those children in attendance? By the way, where were the police?

Any candidate running for office in Arizona, especially Tucson, should be asked one question: Do you support this form of entertainment for minors? See if they answer with a clear yes or no. Those young girls cannot unsee what they saw in that nursery.

Also, notice the candle with the Blessed Virgin Mary under the gay statement. But we are told we are to tolerate all things LGBTQ, even while they offend Christians. However, the tolerance only goes one way because it’s really about power for sexual perverts.

Not to be outdone by the Old Pueblo, on Sunday night the abortionists were scheduled to hold their own Drag Show. It doubled as a bingo fundraiser for Desert Star Family (air quotes) Planning.

Desert Star has continued to provide abortions thanks to murky Arizona laws which have tied up the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the courts at this time. Here’s the gyrator who Desert Star invited to play bingo.

Felicia gets around. She even does Drag Queen Childrens’ Story Hour. In this video, Felicia exploits Black children (so does the abortion industry).

Black Voices Story Hour – YouTube

In the video at about the 12 minute mark, the author explains the character has no gender. Yet at the 14:30 mark the author says they celebrate by being themselves and being authentic.


Is Felicia Minor an authentic woman? Is the character in the book with no gender authentic since everyone is born either male or female? Is it authentic to let your child think he or she is a unicorn?

Back to Drag Queen Bingo, fortunately for Black children in the Phoenix area, a summer monsoon postponed the event.

It’s worth repeating, the abortion/LGBTQalphabet/Drag Queen/sexual groomer industry is all one. All of the above seek to destroy children physically and emotionally. It is why this industry lurks in the school system. It is why the Democrats tirelessly use education issues for political aspirations. Ask any one of them point blank: Yes or No, do you support Drag Queen Story Hour for children?

And then vote accordingly.

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