Planned Parenthood, Anti Police, Abortion, and Yes, Antifa: Welcome to Arizona

As we say all the time, everything is about abortion. Imagine every move a person makes being driven by how and where to get an abortion. No other species wakes up each morning contemplating its own destruction.

Planned Parenthood depends on the local police force on a regular basis. If a prayer warrior or abortion protestor steps foot on their property police are immediately called. In fact, at Tempe’s Planned Parenthood those holding rosaries on the public sidewalk 350 feet away are such a threat Planned Parenthood hires a security guard to protect their clients as they come and go.

This summer Planned Parenthood Arizona published its list of candidate endorsements. Normally these endorsements include anyone who supports abortion on demand and sexual grooming of children, especially in schools. Things have changed though. Now those endorsements come only if the pro-abortion candidate is also against police. This has been coming for a little while as we see from the former chair of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

Channel 12’s Brahm Resnick had some direct questions for Arizona State Senator and Democrat Party Chair Raquel Teran.

It’s not that Planned Parenthood doesn’t like police, what is really going on is Roe vs. Wade was overturned and abortion laws are now to be legislated by each state. State elections have now become more important. Just look at the George Soros family pouring money into Arizona’s Democrat nominees for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

We know what kind of candidate George Soros supports, any candidate who behaves opposite of the Constitution and the rule of law. Pay special attention to his district attorneys.

That brings us to Arizona. Julie Gunnigle ran for Maricopa County Attorney and lost to Allister Adel in 2020. Since then, Planned Parenthood’s Chris Love had been calling for Adel’s ouster.

Adel won her election in 2020 but recently passed away so a new county attorney will be chosen in this fall’s midterms. Gunnigle will again be the Democrat nominee, in part thanks to the screeching Planned Parenthood women who support her.

But wait, there’s more. AZ Free News did some digging into the money flowing from George Soros to Julie Gunnigle in various forms. Here is a screenshot from the article, notice Gunnigle denied help from Soros, but AZ Free News proved there is no supply-chain challenge with Soros’s money if abortion is on the receiving end.

Gunnigle has some interesting associations, a few which have a violent history. Will she prosecute if BLM or Antifa damage property or injure people during a riot?

Here is everyone’s favorite anti-school choice representative supporting Julie Gunnigle.

What have we here? A shout-out to the accused pedophile from the Arizona State Senate, Democrat Tony Navarette.

Julie Gunnigle keeps interesting company, but it gets better. A few years ago, BLM activist Bruce Franks moved to Arizona. Franks is now Gunnigle’s campaign manager.

He seems pleasant.

The fraternity of lawlessness will be centered on their prospect for Maricopa County Attorney, Julie Gunnigle. Just as we saw city after city not prosecute violent BLM protestors, Gunnigle vows to not prosecute those who perform abortions since Roe was sent back to the states. This IS the main reason Gunnigle has been propped up to run. Even Dennis Welch from questioned her on why she won’t enforce abortion laws on the books.

Julie Gunnigle won’t prosecute abortion cases (

It is not the judiciary’s responsibility to make laws. If Gunnigle does not like a law, she should run for Arizona Legislature to try and change it or solicit a sitting legislator to do so, just like the rest of us have to. If she won’t enforce abortion law, what other laws and Constitutional rights will she choose to ignore?

We made a reference to Antifa, and this was not an accident. We will be following up with the Antifa ties Candidate Gunnigle has. Know that if George Soros and his ilk are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into abortion candidacies he is also pouring tons of money into stealing more elections this November across the country. It is allowed to happen because just about every Republican-elected official, at least in Arizona, looked the other way and did not make vital changes needed to the process. Buckle up Arizona.

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