A Beating Heart Woke up Sean Bowie

At the end of March, a last minute push for Arizona to join a number of other states and use science to protect children was heard before the Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee. Freshman Senator Wendy Rogers explained the bill to the committee, made up of six Republicans and four Democrats. Simply put, if a beating heart is detected, an abortion would be unlawful.

Prior to this hearing, Legislative District 18’s Senator Sean Bowie was a quiet individual, often lost in the crowd. He is best identified from his perpetual photo ops with children in the Kyrene School District. Other than that, his voice is often unrecognizable as he is not one who seeks a microphone. However, on March 31, 2021, Senator Bowie not only woke up, he actually took the lead in his opposition to children, the children who are not yet enrolled in Kyrene Schools.

No longer hiding from a virus and reading from a prepared script, Bowie was almost animated, although we can’t be sure due to his mask. His questions were obviously written by the abortion industry, with no empathy towards the child and concern only for those profiting off the procedure. It’s obvious why.

Senator Bowie may not seek the camera, but one of his recent donors is famous. Dr. Laura Mercer made a small donation to last year’s campaign.

Dr. Mercer was the subject of a video when she worked at an abortion mill in Phoenix. Meet our local fine physician at the 40 second mark of this video. By opposing HB2140, Sean Bowie is protecting this ruthless medical provider. Jump ahead on the video to 3:40 and Mercer admits she stops the heart before tearing the baby apart. This woman is who LD18’s Sean Bowie wants to protect!

All four Democrat members of the Appropriations Committee opposed protecting live children. To nobody’s surprise, Senator Lela Alston also wants to stop beating hearts. It doesn’t take a lot of digging to see why. Arizona List is a lobbying group that donates to female candidates who support abortion.

Senator Alston has earned almost $3000 from Arizona List just in the last few years. Don’t forget this donation, straight from Planned Parenthood:

But wait, there is more! Senator Lela Alston is also Governing Board Member Lela Alston at the failing Phoenix Union High School District. Arizona List has been focusing heavily on pushing sex on kids at school, so a few more dollars were provided for the Phoenix Union campaign. Whoever thought the day would come when a school board seat, which is an unpaid position, had to be bought?

Another Democrat senator on the Appropriations Committee also could not escape the clutches of the abortion industry. Senator Lisa Otondo received a little cash in her coffers, also.

Abortion money is the driving force behind just about every Democrat in office. Despite any flowery, soothing words a Democrat says, the truth is they are the marionettes completely controlled by the abortion industry.

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