Pro-Life Arizona Legislature Candidate’s Barebone Campaign

We have regularly documented how much more cash Planned Parenthood candidates normally have for campaigns than pro-lifers.  The money flows from Planned Parenthood’s PAC, the abortion provider’s supporters, and also directly from Planned Parenthood employees.  None of that is illegal.  The money is available from we, the taxpayers, for Planned Parenthood to spend so they do.

In Arizona’s Legislative District 18 there are four Republican candidates running for two spots in the August primary.  Incumbent Jill Norgaard has been a consistent pro-life vote the last four years in the legislature.  She has name recognition at this point against three Republican challengers.  All three claim to be pro-life.

One of them is pro-life to the core, we guarantee it.  Candidate Don Hawker has been a fixture praying in front of Planned Parenthood for years.  In fact, not long ago when he found out Tempe Union High Schools (TUHSD) were re-visiting their sex education curriculum, Hawker asked to be on the sex ed committee.  He was told by one of the TUHSD school board members he could, but ultimately he was overlooked.  It is clear why:  Hawker would have been a solid NO vote for Planned Parenthood in Tempe schools.  While TUHSD told the public their sex ed committee represented the community, it clearly didn’t.

According to Mr. Hawker,  there is a disconnect between talking the pro-life talk and walking the walk.  We agree as we see the United States government is still funding Planned Parenthood under a Republican House, Senate, and Executive Branch.  And there is plenty of that same double-talk to go around in Arizona and Maricopa County politics as well.  As Mr. Hawker states, Roe vs. Wade permitted abortion, but the ruling did not mandate government sponsorship of it.

Hawker will not have the funding the other three candidates have.  He entered the race late and will not be beholden to any person or organization just to get their campaign contribution.  He will win on merits alone.  It is an uphill battle, but not long ago we witnessed Virginian Dave Brat beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  It can be done.

Based on Representative Jill Norgaard’s pro-life voting record and Donald Hawker’s pro-life walk, not just talk because there’s an election pending, we are supporting these two candidates for Arizona’s Legislative District 18.  We are confident they will vote down any bills which promote Planned Parenthood and comprehensive sex education in our public schools.


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