Red for Ed Candidate Raquel Teran Sponsored Bill to Kill Babies in Arizona

Americans have been horrified this year as news spread that New York state would allow an infant to die at birth if the mother decided she doesn’t want the child.  Just five years ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo told the world Conservatives aren’t welcome in New York since he didn’t share their values.  He might be right, pro-lifers should find other places to live, work, vacation and spend their hard-earned dollars.

Meanwhile, Arizona was close to becoming the state of New York.  On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee in the Arizona Legislature heard HB2696 which would have repealed a 44-year old statute that required medical professionals to attempt to save any baby who survives an abortion.  Had it passed, the state of Arizona might have gotten a special invite to Governor Cuomo’s sustainable mansion in Albany.

How did Arizona, who had been a red state until just a few years ago, even test such a radical bill?  We can look no further than Planned Parenthood and the 2018 Red for Ed movement.  Ms. Raquel Teran was swept into office for the first time in a heavily Democrat district on the wings of the Red for Ed movement, which demanded more money for teachers yet teachers are still complaining they need more money.  (Sounds like Planned Parenthood.)

What the local media didn’t explain is Raquel Teran was employed by Planned Parenthood of Arizona.  Here is a screenshot in case the link disappears:

In Legislative District 18 which encompasses Ahwatukee, south Tempe, and small parts of Chandler and Mesa, Jennifer Jermaine was also swept into office for the first time on the Red for Ed wave.  While Red for Ed leaders originally told the teachers it wasn’t a political movement, it was clear from the beginning the purpose was to turn Arizona blue and it worked.  Ms. Jermaine received huge support from the Red for Ed Facebook crowd in Kyrene schools and she beat a strong incumbent in the process.  The problem is voters thought they were voting for education candidates, but instead they were voting for Democrat candidates who have an obligation to push the most radical positions possible, much different than the JFK Democrats of the 20th century.

Arizona’s HB2696 had 16 co-sponsors to augment Representative Teran’s efforts.  One of those was rookie Representative Jermaine.  In fact, here are pictures of all 17 sponsors.  Keep these names handy for 2020, they are all up for re-election:

Ironically, one of the #Sleazy17 is Dr. Randall Friese….yes that Dr. Friese.  Funny that he fought like crazy to save Representative Gabby Giffords life after she was shot but he doesn’t support fighting like crazy to save a baby.  Of course, those little babies aren’t able to donate money to his campaign or rally volunteers like Planned Parenthood can.

In 2020, don’t let the media tell you Red for Ed is for education.  Red for Ed candidates do support smaller class sizes, but the way they will accomplish that is sickening.

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