Perverted School Principal in Eugene, Oregon

One of the most beautiful college campuses in the western United States is the University of Oregon, located in the quiet community of Eugene, a couple hours south of Portland.  To nobody’s surprise, the university itself is quite liberal.  However, parents of minor children expect their children to be protected from, at the very least, unsafe and dangerous programs while in the care of their public schools.

Not so fast.  The principal at South Eugene High School is not only allowing, but promoting an elicit play to be produced and acted by the students in the school, students who are minors. Here is a synopsis and contact information for taxpayers to voice their opinions:

eugene play

The principal is defending his decision in this link.

Adults now offer any excuse to use their positions of authority to force an agenda on students.  Our job is to teach and guide our kids while keeping them safe.  But kids can’t be kids anymore because the “adults” in the room want to bring their bedroom into the classroom.  To nobody’s surprise guess which organization is involved in this play?

pp in play

“Our Whole Lives” (OWL) is a Comprehensive Sex Ed curriculum in conjunction with Planned Parenthood.  While the curriculum says it’s faith-based, that is not indicative of the agenda in OWL.  Furthermore, where is separation of church and state?   Aren’t pro-abortion, pro-sex ed fanatics lecturing Catholics to leave their pro-life abstinence-only curriculums back at the church?  Why can the Unitarian Universalists get a seat in the South Eugene Fine Arts Department?  Were the Catholics invited?  Or is the UUA head moralist because they support abortion?

Here’s a link to a teen’s experience with the OWL curriculum.  She liked it.  But here are a couple paragraphs that will alert most parents that there is a problem.

owl snippetAs this situation in Eugene unfolds, keep an eye on Parents Rights in Education, based in Oregon.  Parents, taxpayers, citizens in Oregon, please contact the principal, the school board, and Parents Rights in Education.  Get involved, there is no better example of what has happened to our society than this performance in Eugene, Oregon.



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