Empty Suit Arizona Senator Sean Bowie Introduces Dangerous Bill To AZ Legislature

For some unknown reason, Arizona State Senator Sean Bowie was able to convince enough voters in Legislative District 18 to cross over and vote for him despite his radical views.  Senator Bowie appears to be in office in an attempt to turn Arizona into California, a state which allows very little choice and whose lawmakers appear to be anti-science.

Recently, Senator Bowie posted this tweet.

The Trevor Project is an organization to assist LGBTQXYZ youth who are suicidal.  This is a great endeavor.  However, why don’t Mr. Bowie and The Trevor Project be open to all options possible for anybody who is contemplating suicide?  Instead, they are both pushing, via the legislative arena, to prevent states from allowing Conversion Therapy.

Conversion Therapy is for those who are struggling with sexual confusion.   Both Senator Bowie and The Trevor Project want to lower the suicide rate of these individuals, but they want the rate lowered on their terms.  You see, if they discourage confused youth from exploring whether they really might be straight, they lose another person in their support system.  The more LGBTQXYZ youth they can corrupt, the larger the net they create.  This creates more funding opportunities, more issues to campaign on,  and more money Bowie can raise for his campaigns .  It’s no surprise Wells Fargo and ABC/Disney are among The Trevor Project’s large donors; they have been supporting GLSEN and their influence in your child’s school for awhile.

In truth, Conversion Therapy is an option for those who consider themselves gay or lesbian to explore how to align their lives in unison with their biblical beliefs.  There it is: Religion.  If science tells us a person is gay from birth, that is all science can tell us.  Science cannot tell us morals and what is good or bad.  Senator Bowie, what is wrong with a gay individual seeking religious advice?  Is your bill another attempt to take God out of society?

In the world of politics, there is always more to the story.  Once again, it is no surprise that a Democrat strives to limit religious options. Remember the fight to get God out/in their platform in 2012?  But then again, there are the Republicans.  There are a number of Republicans who fell for Senator Bowie’s empty promises to improve education.  To make matters worse, two of his donors are prominent Republicans.

Betsey Bayless was once an elected official who ran on the Republican ticket.

Jaime Molera is also a Republican who once was elected Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction.

While the Bayless’s and Molera’s campaign donations to Senator Bowie aren’t huge, every dollar helps a candidate purchase signs to get his or her name out in the community.  GOP voters who are not well-informed look to these leaders for guidance as to who to vote for.  These donations possibly lead to many additional votes for a state senator who is aiming to change the morals and culture of Arizona, and not for the better.

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