Will Anything Ever Change in Tempe Politics?

Writing any post about politics in Tempe, Arizona pretty much involves copying and pasting an old article and changing the name of the politician.  This gets repetitive (and boring), but we will keep beating the drum.  The Arizona Democratic Party will continue to groom  one-issue candidates who campaign “for the children”, but really are funded by identity politics.  Ms. Trejo’s website is vague, maybe by design, but Martin Quezada likes at least one post.  Enough said.

Here we go again, another abortion-loving Democrat politician, this one running for Tempe ELEMENTARY School District.  If Monica Trejo is elected to govern little kids in Tempe, she won’t have to look far to learn the tricks to get Planned Parenthood in the schools–the Tempe Union High School District office is just four miles away and they’ve got it figured out.   And it doesn’t matter whether a school board candidate spells correctly on her website, as long as they push for kindergarten sex ed, all is well.

trejo spelling

Arizona List, an organization which supports pro-abortion Democrat female candidates, proudly endorses Monica Trejo in her bid to warp children’s minds.  It’s only a matter of time before Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona adds Ms. Trejo to their list of endorsements for the general election on November 8th.  She will make a good partner on the Tempe Elementary Board to Veekas Shrivastava.  Or voters can send them both home, for the sake of the children.

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