Why Planned Parenthood Does Not Promote Pregnancy and Adoption (no matter what they tell you)

Businesses love repeat customers.  It’s imperative for Planned Parenthood’s bottom line that they keep the merry-go-round going.  Remember Proofs in Geometry class in high school?  It goes something like this:

Comprehensive Sex Ed in the schools (as young as kindergarten)–>

Normalize sex before marriage and whatever makes you feel good–>

Don’t want to talk to your parents?  We at Planned Parenthood can help you with your birth control decisions–>

Birth Control fails (regularly)–>Woops, well Planned Parenthood can come to the rescue because there are no other options for you.  (Why discuss the free pregnancy center down the street or adoption?)

And your local Planned Parenthood clinic may get an award if they perform enough abortions!

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