Why are Schools Surveying Students?

This week all the rage on social media was over surveys schools are sending to students prying for private information like a stalker, whether parents know about it or not. Again, the laws around schools surveying students is not a clear yes or no because the Arizona Legislature can’t make anything easy for their constituents. There is one little detail parents need to focus on.

Here is some of the text of HB2088, passed in 2016. Notice public schools need parent permission for surveys of students’ personal information kept longer than one year. It wouldn’t take very long for someone in the district or the teachers union to input these results and toss the original survey, saying they don’t keep the surveys more than a year so no permission is needed.

Why is it anyone’s business whether there is a gun at home? There is a Second Amendment so it is not an issue. Why does the school want income information, will they prey on low-income students? Whose business is it to ask about political affiliations and opinions? Pupil Biometric Information is a completely loaded inquiry, especially with Michael Crow hovering nearby at Arizona State University. (Are we allowed to say that?) And religious affiliation? Like gun ownership, religious affiliation is a God-given right our government is supposed to protect, not a right bestowed by the government. Maybe these schools need a lesson in Civics.

And there it is, #13, sexual behavior and attitudes. Line 13 is actually a red flag in most establishments. Anyone asking a minor about anything sexual should be reported to authorities and investigated. Imagine if your child was at Sunday school and the instructor asked about their sexual practices. Imagine if a police officer on the beat stopped and asked a girl walking home from school about her sexual behavior. What if a man standing across the street from a school asked kids riding their bikes home about their sexual attitudes? Why is it okay when someone inside a school building administers these questions? What will the school do with this information? The police should be called immediately and those involved in the survey should be investigated.

Parents, don’t expect these surveys to always come home in a backpack the first week of school. We were recently notified about a school in southern Arizona who sneaked a personal survey into the students’ exam. The Dark Side will always craft ways to work around parents.

Since almost all children are not eligible to vote, it is clear in #14 the schools are looking for information about the parents. Why? It is nobody’s business what happens in the voting booth.

The survey Scottsdale Unified School District sent out recently is what alarmed many parents. It falls right in line with Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which Arizona Republicans and Governor Doug Ducey (sometimes R) passed this summer.

Well, well, well. The Arizona Legislature made sure there really wouldn’t be any punishment for school districts who are found to be in violation of the law. That is typical. As much as a handful in the legislature have tried to tighten up some of the statutes surrounding public education in Arizona, often there is no teeth to enforce anything. The reason? The bill won’t pass. Is this how we raise our kids? Don’t snack before dinner but if you do kids, have a good time!

By the time the complaint procedure is slow-walked to the Attorney General or the County Attorney, and they will likely play hot potato and toss the responsibility to each other, school districts will have the data they need. If they are found to be in non-compliance, that is okay because school districts will already have the data they need. If the district fails to destroy the information and a $500 civil penalty is imposed, the school districts will already have the data they need. $500 is a small price to pay for the incredible personal data already obtained and processed by Arizona school districts.

Even if a district does have to pay $500, they have plenty of resources for that. None of us should be surprised school districts want to personally survey our children or there wouldn’t be a law to address it. However, we didn’t see the writing on the wall last year because we were more worried about whether someone in the frozen food aisle wasn’t wearing a mask. All of the infighting is a distraction while our government, Democrats AND Republicans pass bills against us.

Local affiliate ABC15’s Danielle Lerner did a report on plans to reopen Arizona schools way back in May of 2020. Here is part of her piece.

Notice the Arizona Department of Education may consider input from parents, but only after an inside job was done by Big Education. Now we know the reason to stoke the fear of Covid is to keep the federal funds coming. Both Democrats and Republicans bear responsibility for this. Below is the plan Ms. Lerner explained in her report. The money for Covid we thought would be to help physically protect our students from a virus as schools reopened is really being used to survey students to then impose perverted sexual ideology, the need for transition hormones for kids, and White, male, Christian hate. We are hearing from other states there is so much Covid money flowing into the school districts they have plenty to use on Social Emotional Learning. But the schools even told us they would as posted in the following screenshots from ABC15’s report.

Once again, the government created a crisis and we are forced to depend on the government to fix it. What would be much less expensive is our local doctors having the ability to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and other prophylaxis, however, Governor Ducey banned that. His background at Cold Stone Creamery gave him the medical knowledge needed to make these life and death decisions. Ironically, he dug in his heels nine days after Ms. Lerner’s piece. Like the Arizona Department of Education, the governor did NOT mention parents having any horse in the race. None of this is coincidence.

Rest in Peace #WeThePeople. There is so much behind the scenes of Covid to give those in power even more power. Locally, Governor Ducey increases his stature on the Board of TGEN, the kings of contact tracing. Keep us scared, not healthy (Ducey closed gyms) as the Arizona Health Department sends funds to TGEN. Again, is your head spinning? Thanks to National File for this report as the local media has ignored Ducey’s conflict of interest. Evidently the lovefest between TGEN and Ducey is to be kept a secret so he can keep working with the most radical Kathy Hoffman, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Worse than that, the SEL curriculum is being used as a weapon against teachers who do not support Red for Ed. Union spys within local schools report to administration when a teacher wants to keep to tradition and teach academics, not feelings. Those teachers are then often loaded with more students than Red for Ed teachers. Additionally, those teachers will be assigned more students with behavioral problems. SEL is now weaponized, just like masks and Covid shots.

Schools are now opening in Arizona. The districts kept their buildings and school board meetings closed to the public just long enough to make all sorts of plans against what is good and healthy. Arizona Legislators, as you hear your constituents report problems to you, take them seriously and work with them on solutions, not bandaids that will only help your 2022 campaigns.

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