Who Does The Arizona Squad Charm?

Don’t think the squad only exists in Washington, DC. Arizona has its own squad, a group of radical state representatives, one who pretends to represent Legislative District 26, east of Phoenix. Led by Arizona’s own AOC, Representative Athena Salman, this squad reeks havoc on its constituents who think these individuals have their best interests in mind. In fact, Salman uses her seat as an opportunity to advertise and fundraise for her own pet causes, most which have nothing to do with bettering those in LD 26.

It is not a news flash that Representative Athena Salman fervently supports Planned Parenthood and visa versa. She wouldn’t be highlighted here otherwise. And she has quite a few highlights!

Representative Salman was the driving force behind allowing Advance Practice Clinicians to perform abortions. Did she forget what the abortion industry tells us all the time–abortions should be safe and legal? Why does she not want a physician to perform surgery? Is it so Planned Parenthood can perform more abortions in a day? Or will Planned Parenthood’s margins be greater if a nurse performs an abortion instead of a medical doctor? When Planned Parenthood was brought to court in August of 2019 we learned Dr. William Richardson drives up from Tucson to help cover abortions in Glendale and Tempe (part of Tempe is in Salman’s district). Maybe Salman wants to get him a little back-up.

According to the text of House Bill 2519, Representative Salman wanted to make sure Arizonans do not have to spend their own earnings on contraceptives. In addition, religious institutions would be burdened with providing documentation to the government why not to cover contraceptives in their medical plans. More government interference–we have seen those results since March 2020. Salman’s bills died along with the legislative session in May. If Representative Salman is reelected in November, there is always next year.

Legislative District 26 is heavily Hispanic, therefore the constituents are heavily Christian. These folks love family, kids, and babies. And they love God. What makes Athena Salman tick? Why is she so antagonistic to those who put her in office? It is time to look at the dark side, literally.

Representative Salman is an atheist. That is often not a big deal; everyone has friends and family who do not believe in God. Regardless, they leave believers alone and visa versa, and most are happy to share religious holidays together. Deep down their values are often similar, even though they approach life from different angles.

Then there are the angry atheists. The angry religion. Some are so unhappy with themselves they want everyone else to be miserable with them. Tolerance does not exist. Instead, shove Planned Parenthood into your Christian constituents’ faces, Ms. Salman, and go back and do it again in the next session. Anything that fortifies the family and Christianity must be stopped. Why? When did Christian values become toxic? If Christian values are distasteful, then whose values should we pursue?

There is another powerful force. Look who Athena Salman has impressed:


The Satanic Temple Arizona. There it is. This is not a coincidence. The temple is dazzled that Athena Salman believes in the power of humanity to do good in the world. Whose humanity? Salman’s? Planned Parenthood’s?


Now it all ties together. Satanists see abortion as their religious practice. How sick is that? These are the folks who Representative Athena Salman has charmed during her tenure at the Arizona Capitol. How impressive.

So which came first, the chicken or the egg? Does Athena Salman aim to please the Satanists and that is why she supports Planned Parenthood? Or does her support of abortion endear her to the Satanists who feel abortion is their religious right?

How about this Representative Salman–a Satanic Temple raffles off a free abortion? Not only do they kill small babies, they liken it to Communion for Christians. Does the following statement cross a line for anyone in LD26?

How about this video? If Athena Salman and her atheist, pro-abortion pals are re-elected, bills will be introduced to protect abortion and Satanists will support her using religion as their backdrop.

Residents of Arizona’s LD26 need to understand what drives Athena Salman. Ask her point blank if she puts her Satanic religious interests over their values. And then vote for someone else.

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