Wealthy Democrat Population Control Supporter Donates to Republicans in Arizona

While the debate continues whether there were shenanigans in the 2020 and 2022 elections, many Republicans were shocked at the BFF photos Governor Doug Ducey tweeted about his transition meeting with Katie Hobbs.

Okay, the governor is being professional. But his comment “hard-fought race” raised some eyebrows as voters know Katie Hobbs wouldn’t even debate her opponent in the primary or the general elections.

Another curious tweet post-election was from an Arizona legislative candidate.

Isn’t that nice? But what about the other grassroots Republican candidates Governor Ducey did not lift a finger for, not even a phone call of encouragement?

Thanks to some detective work by Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC earlier this week, we were made aware of how deep the Uniparty ties are in Arizona. In fact, the Uniparty may as well be called the Democrat Party. In the tweet below, Beanz refers to big donor Francis Najafi.

What Beanz may not realize is who some of the players are in her screenshot. Let’s take a closer look.

Beau Lane, Karrin Taylor Robson, and Matthew Gress all ran as Republicans. But did they run to represent the Constitution? In this same screenshot of donations, Mr. Najafi recorded $20,000 donated to “pro-Democracy Republicans”. But how can that be since the United States is a republic?

Why would an individual donate to ActBlue, which funnels money to radical pro-abortion, pro-child mutilation, open borders, Covidian candidates and also donate to Republicans? The Republican Party is no longer the Grand Old Party we could depend on for family values and upholding American traditions. The Republican Party is simply a club now, a club of compromises and deals with the devil. Are there no longer clear lines between ActBlue Democrats and the three Republican candidates who received Mr. Najafi’s donations?

Francis Najafi isn’t one of the old guard Democrats like JFK. He is a globalist who has a platform of sustainability, which is a fancy word for population control. This paragraph from the link is telling.

Francis Najafi’s organization, Pivotal Foundation, awards many grants each year. There are many well-known recipients who do good work. But a few paint a picture of his globalist agenda. In 2019, 2018, and 2017 (the most recent years we reviewed), TGen was given $500 each year. That is not a large amount, but TGen is Governor Ducey’s Covid fraternity.

What may be more important to note is the large donations to the Aspen Insitute. The institute’s website reads like a Democrat’s Christmas holiday wish list. Here are a couple screenshots.

Neither Karrin Taylor Robson nor Beau Lane, both reported to be the favored candidates of Governor Doug Ducey, won their races. Had they won, would they have kept the Republican platform in mind or the agendas of their big donors, like liberal globalist Najafi?

Matt Gress did win his race for Arizona Legislature, however. Mr. Gress’s donations were quite hefty, especially for a rookie. The Arizona Secretary of State’s office posted over $500,000 in donations for the newcomer.

Based on the pages and pages of donations, many of them in the thousands of dollars, we are in for status quo in the Arizona Legislature for the next two years. In other words, the best guess is Mr. Gress will be another Republican we cannot depend on to uphold the constitution. How can he since he accepted $3500 from a liberal globalist?

But wait, there is more! We know firsthand that other true constitutional candidates didn’t receive a dime from outgoing Senate President Karen Fann. But Matt Gress did.

Remember on November 16, 2022 there was public comment at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting? Most of the comments revolved around the less than stellar performances of those who ran Maricopa’s elections. The final individual who spoke berated those who gave negative public comment during public comment. That was none other than Andy Kunasek, former member of the corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and brother of Karrin Taylor Robson. He also likes Matt Gress.

“Republican” Kunasek even supported liberal, pro-Planned Parenthood Adrian Fontes for Arizona’s Secretary of State this year.

Why call yourself a member of a Party when you don’t really represent it? Better yet, why doesn’t the Republican Party, both on the national and state level, call this out? Will Matt Gress legislate as the Republican he told the voters he is or a liberal Democrat?

There are more questions about the latest winner in the Arizona Legislature. Here are a couple donations from the Cindy McCain faction. Remember when her husband called those who believe in the constitution Whackobirds? Maybe Mr. Gress doesn’t like to be called names, or he doesn’t believe in limited government. Whatever the reason, he accepted a lot of money from Mrs. McCain’s business connections.

Recently we wrote a post about hefty donations from well-off Republicans who do not necessarily hold conservative social values. Randy Kendrick is married to Arizona Diamondbacks owner, Ken Kendrick. She is part of an association of socially liberal (pro-abortion) Republicans.

Cronyism in the Arizona Legislature–here we go again. “Seeing Red AZ” wrote an excellent piece about Governor Ducey’s employment ties to the McCains and his wink-wink towards Katie Hobbs.

AZ GOP Gov. Doug Ducey does democrat Katie Hobbs work for her | Seeing Red AZ (wordpress.com)

Gateway Pundit breaks down the legal chess moves in the Kari Lake lawsuit. Read below about the high-powered Democrat attorneys representing the Republican Maricopa Board of Supervisors.

MUST READ: Maricopa County 2022 Corruption and How Runbeck Used Spanish-Speaking Employees and Quit Running Counts on Election Day Ballots (thegatewaypundit.com)

Even much beloved, long-time Republican Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell has joined the Democrat Uniparty. Below is a screenshot from Gateway Pundit’s post.

Arizona, don’t think your 2023 Arizona Legislature will be any different than in years past. It likely just got worse. When prolife bills and bills to protect Arizona’s children from the zealous LGBTQalphabet mafia are introduced, expect at the most compromise from the Republicans, or squirming as described below by Arizona State Senator Jake Hoffman on his Telegram channel (Fun fact: Representative Toma is the new Speaker of the House.)

We will now watch the Blame Game 2023. We will hear excuses about one or two GOP legislators who won’t come to the table, or Katie Hobbs, or wait for it……the lobbyists’ recommendations.

When voters who donated to and volunteered for these legislators are stabbed in the back again and again, what will happen? Will we wait for next year, 2024, accept the compromises, accept the excuses? Accepting anything but what is 100% constitutional is making a deal with the devil, and yes the devil this time will be Republicans.

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