We Need Feminists to Protect Students From Planned Parenthood

Almost every Democrat female candidate for all levels of political office have sold their souls and taken money and support from Planned Parenthood.  The talking points are predictable and attempt to center around women:  Women’s Health, Women’s Choices, Feminism, Women’s Rights, etc.  The tactic of course is to court female voters and guilt men into voting for them.  It works, but it’s easy to see through the feminism mask.

For example, in the north Scottsdale/Fountain Hills area, there is a female candidate running for Legislative District 23.  Her name is Tammy Caputi, and Planned Parenthood has done their typical interview with her asking the usual questions and getting the usual answers.  Despite being a small business owner, Caputi has nothing innovative to bring to the State of Arizona.

Ms. Caputi is a feminist, so she tells you she deserves your vote. Remember, Reproductive Rights=Abortion.

caputi feminist quote

Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition of feminism:

feminism definition

Does Planned Parenthood promote feminism?  Since their goal is to sell abortions, they must first intervene in the nucleus of the family unit, pushing parents out of the way so the school-age child comes to depend on Planned Parenthood instead of her mother and father.  When dealing with reproductive issues and sex ed, girls most often talk to their mothers.  Planned Parenthood has no use for the mothers, those females who gave birth to the girls they want as customers.  They have no need for the morals or religious values mothers seek to pass on to their children.  Why are these mothers’ parental rights not respected by Planned Parenthood?  We expect as a feminist, Tammy Caputi will support the family nucleus and prop up mothers to be the primary sex ed providers for their daughters, as they have been through history.

Once a young girl is in Planned Parenthood’s crosshairs, whether through school sex ed, messages in the media, or an unintended pregnancy, the girl becomes a dollar amount in the organization’s eyes.  Like any company with a good sales plan, Planned Parenthood sees clinic visits for birth control, STDs, and abortions as a potential deal to close.  Uterus=upsell.

The media has done a tremendous job hiding the effects of the sexual revolution and abortion from youth and their parents.  Those who have experienced the ill effects of the sexual revolution are the folks who are speaking up, although they are often labeled as bigots, haters, or Bible-toters.  As an outspoken feminist, Ms. Caputi has a great opportunity to be a voice for the interests of these women. This link underscores the long-term consequences of the idea that all of us are entitled to sex anywhere, anytime, free of consequences, and provided by the government (including schools).  Hopefully she can share the dangers of the sexual revolution so women in her district will be protected from it.  Maybe she can put a blurb on a campaign mailer!

Wouldn’t the safest, most organic sex education for girls be abstinence only?   When Ms. Caputi was interviewed by Planned Parenthood, did they mention to her the birth control pills they want to hand out to girls like candy increases a female’s risk of breast cancer?  If a teenage girl gets cancer at a later date because of taking The Pill that was suggested to her by her sex ed and Planned Parenthood, she will not have equal opportunities as men do to hold down a job and raise her kids.  If Tammy Caputi is elected, she can be a feminist voice for these young girls!

Ms. Caputi feels she is the ideal candidate to protect the environment, which is a good thing.  It seems estrogen from birth control pills is showing up in our water supply.  Not only may this adversely affect humans, scientists are concerned about the effects of estrogen on fish, frogs, and other aquatic species.  The Democrats feel they own environmental causes, so it’s exciting to hear that Ms. Caputi can be a voice for the fish in addition to women and girls if her campaign is successful.

Hopefully Tammy Caputi puts her money where her mouth is and really becomes a voice for women and girls instead of just using them for votes.


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