Update to the Update

In our last update we posted information about another experimental injection event at St. Jerome’s parish. Catholics have been contacting the Diocese of Phoenix and the pastor of St. Jerome’s asking for the event to be canceled. Originally the Johnson and Johnson “vaccine” was advertised to be available at the event.

In the last 24 hours, the link for the St. Jerome’s event has been updated. They have removed the reference to Johnson and Johnson but unfortunately increased the hours of the event.

We do not believe the outside vendor will leave the Johnson and Johnson back at the office. Anyone who attends the event, please keep your eyes open and better yet, walk inside and ask for the J and J and see if the staff indeed offers it. Satan is sneaky.

Let’s hope as more and more people politely contact the Diocese and the pastor, this event will ultimately be canceled and the pastor can return to his vow of saving souls. There will be a prayerful vigil from 8AM-3PM on the public sidewalk by St. Jerome’s this Sunday, August 22nd. Just as all are welcome inside a Catholic church, all are welcome to join the quiet reflection outside this Catholic church. Come for five minutes or an hour, you may just save a life!

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