UNESCO and Republican Politicians in Arizona

We get accustomed to hearing acronyms and accepting what they represent as good for society.  Every organization writes a positive and feel-good mission statement.  For networking opportunities, politicians and office holders often jump on board enthusiastically.  Before supporting these organizations, it is a politician’s responsibility to learn what they are all about, way beyond the flowery description they compose.

UNESCO is an organization that should be avoided.  The initials stand for United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.  The United Nations is no friend of family values.  Family Watch International has been active at the United Nations assuring pro-family and pro-children policies are promoted internationally  by keeping the UN in check.  Here is a link to UNESCO’s education page and goals.  There are a few categories we need to be wary of:

While these category titles sound benign, we know gender equality demeans men and women, ultimately pushing the LGBTQ agenda on children.  Sustainable development favors population control, so the door is opened to push birth control and abortion on school children.  Universal pre-primary education is a façade to take young children away from their parents so government schools can apply their agenda and data mine the kids and families.

So what does this have to do with local politics?  Once again Republican politicians pat UNESCO on the back.  Are these politicians forgetting the pro-family Republican Party platform?  On another note, the United States is a sovereign nation.  No way should the USA be beholden to global policies.

Earlier this year, the city of Chandler, Arizona proclaimed February 2017 as International Mother Language Month, as recognized originally by UNESCO in 1999.

While one’s native tongue has nothing to do with sex ed in schools, propping up UNESCO gives free advertising to a dangerous organization.  The more these acronyms roll off our tongues, the less we question the motives behind them.  While city council elections are non-partisan, there are several current Republican Chandler councilmembers, and Chandler’s mayor is also a member of the GOP.

Meanwhile, a few miles to the west, Arizona Legislature campaigns are gearing up for 2018.  Currently, several individuals are vying for the right to represent the GOP in Legislative District 18 in the November 2018 general election.  One of them is newcomer Farhana Shifa Ahmed.  She looks to be supporting UNESCO based on her retweet of Chandler’s proclamation.

Recently it was reported a UNESCO mobile app would be released to African children to teach them sex ed.  We have written about Bill and Melinda Gates and the Gates Foundation pushing sex ed on kids.  Bill Gates has the technology.  He and his wife have the money to invest, and they will get a huge return as these apps are pushed on country after country.  It won’t stop with a few areas of Africa.

Consider the broader context, which is the fact that America is now using UNESCO-based computer-adaptive BEHAVIORAL assessments in K-12.  What will the government do with these assessments?  Why the data mining?
The reason that UNESCO picked 5 kids to develop this app for Africa is the same reason that Facebook and Google have partnered with the US Dept. of Ed and UNESCO/OECD. Global, online, competency-based, computer-adaptive education is being designed so that children teach each other, and so that learning is 24/7–not just in school (as the announcement in the link indicates). Teachers are now “facilitators” of technology, not mentors. With the rise of social-emotional learning/assessment, children can more easily be manipulated to agitate for social-justice around LGBTQ rights and Comprehensive Sex Ed on-line.  Just what Planned Parenthood needs.
It’s time we demand more of those asking for our vote, especially those who tell us they are Republican and represent the pro-family political party platform.

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